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How Do I Reset The Interior Clock? (Aftermarket Radio)

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I used to reset it in the settings of my factory radio, but I recently replaced it with an aftermarket radio and now the interior clock is always wrong. I tried disconnecting the battery for 20 mins, but it didn't work. Any ideas? TIA!
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Does anyone know which fuse it is?
Doesn't your aftermarket radio have a clock on it?? Do you wear a watch?
I assume you're trying to be funny, but I'm asking a serious question. It takes my eyes off the road much less to glance at the dash clock than my watch or the radio screen, especially since I have an aftermarket radio with CarPlay and the time is very small in the lower corner of the screen. Did you have any helpful suggestions?
Soz mate. I wasn't trying to be funny. Most head units I've had have a large clock display. I don't know what unit you fitted?

You mention dash clock. My clock is on the upper centre display certainly not on the dash.

As far as the top display screen goes, I'm a noob. I don't know what you lose if you take out the factory unit. I did see summat about losing the outside temp but that seems odd to me as what would that have to do with the stereo unit.
You sound like you’re from the UK :). Yeah, the factory stereo has all of the settings for the dash clock on my car as well as the display for the outside temp which I did also lose. I was really surprised that disconnecting the battery for over 20 minutes didn’t work!
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UPDATE: So, apparently our cars' clocks don't reset to 12 PM like most every other digital clock in the known universe. Apparently they reset to 9 AM. Once I figured this out, resetting it was just a matter of disconnecting the battery just after 8 AM and reconnecting at 9.
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