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How is the GC in the snow?

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Hey everyone,

I'm from Pittsburgh and was just wondering how the GC performs in the snow. I'm guessing its not as good as your typical front wheel drive car. I think most of it comes down to the driver and just being careful anyway.

Do you absolutely not recommend driving this car in the snow? Or is it completely do-able?

I'm looking for my next new car and the 2011 model year has been completely uninspiring IMO. I've been a Chevrolet guy my whole life but ever since they ditched their SS program they have no fun cars and I don't want a tank like the Camaro. The Genesis Coupe appears to be one badass car with a lot of power. I currently own a turbocharged HHR SS with 210 HP and I really hate underpowered v4 cars now. I just can't see myself going back and owning some little 120 HP grocery getter. :)
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I have the track and I will say this:
Keep in mind that this is a RWD vehicle, but that being said, if you take your time and truely know how to drive in the snow (versus THINKING you know how to drive in the snow) I had zero issues what so ever.

Any RWD in any level of snow, i would recommend an LSD...but its obviously not practical to just put on in...
With good "real" winter tires there is no problem with this car at all. Turn the ESC off if you need to spin it up for starting out or going up steep hills. Leave it on the rest of the time. I started driving in RWD cars and this car, with the traction control is far superior. If your car is lowered you're going to snow plough but that's never good in any car.
With the ESC off, in play mode, and you are not used to RWD cars go play in a empty parking lot and get the feel for how the back kicks out. I find FWD is much more dangerous because if you spin or lock the fronts you have no steering whereas in RWD with ABS you always have steering and you can control any slides by powering the rears.
Watch drifting, it's pretty much the ultimate in car control,while sliding, and you don't see anyone using FWD do you?
I'll drive as good as your winter tire is. Plus your skills.
When the speed is under 50km/h, traction control would apply brake on slipping wheel. That allows torque transfer to the other side. Probably not as great as LSD, but it helps.
Thanks guys.. appreciate the replies :) Sounds like the GC will do just fine here in the 'burgh.
I have a lot of fund driving her in the snow. It is a slow go but if you are on fairly level ground and under a few inches you can get around just fine. It got a little tail happy on my way to work the other day but the front stays pretty well planted. On a funny note there was a guy behind me (as in tailing me) in an AWD subby was not happy (older guy) felt necessary to flip me off for some reason. He proceeded to show off and go 70mph in a snow storm down the highway and pass a plow. I think I was having more fun then him and he was upset :)
^just as what happened with me, but it was some sedan.
The car drives great in the snow, but I will say going uphill can be a bit of a task. I've burned so much rubber getting up my driveway my rears are rather worn, it's ridiculous.
i am verry happy about the perfo of the car in the snow,last weekend i take my car on the river(cover of 3 feet of ice FOR SURE),they make a little circle of drift for the car,even 5 big pickup was there,so that was very safe,but you never know,lol,i dont stay here very long,but that was fun,after 10 min of drifting,i need to go back on a 45 degree hill cover whit snow and little ice to make to the road,and the car and ALSO the tire did the job really good(blizzak lm60),i do it in third gear at 20 km,i was thinking that i will never make it! but it do it!!! (sorry for my english,i am french,quebec,canada)
It's good with snow tires

I've had to drive my car in all 3 of the winter storms we've had on long island this season and I must say that with winter tires the car does very well. If your tail end starts to slide out you just let off the gas and it snaps back into place almost instantly.

The only thing that is holding you back with this car is the ground clearance. I bottomed out in my cul de sac during one of the storms and my neighbors had to come push my back onto the road (i tried to drive into 8 inches of snow like an idiot lol).

But overall, the car does a great job as long as you dont gas it around turns and feel what the car is telling you if you feel it slip a bit. I will say though, if you get the track like me DO NOT try to drive with your summer tires. You will just be spinning those wheels all over.
My review of the 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track in the snow all depends on what tires are on it. I got stuck on my FLAT driveway with the summer-only OEM tires. They were fine in cold temps for me - right up to the point where a single snowflake fell. I was really shocked just how bad they got when there was *anything* on the roads.

I got Blizzak LM60's on my OEM 19" rims. WOW. I can't believe how *GOOD* these tires are in the snow!

Here's a boring video of the first time out on unplowed roads with the LM60's. To anyone who has tried to drive on the summer-only tires in the snow, you know how amazing this is.

In the end, the Genesis is pretty good in the snow with the LSD on the track model, a decent 3400 lb curb weight, and traction control ON as long as you have appropriate winter tires!
any performance will do jack in snow... its' either all season for the maybe or winter for the ok.
I have kumo v12 evos and I put 400 pounds a weight in a storm it's dose prety good
I have a 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus and it is OK to Poor, and not that great. I wanted the better-on-snow Continental ExtremeContact DWS, but they were on back-order from

It is definitely possible to drive the GC in the snow with the proper tires and skills. If I can afford it, I want to get Winter tires.

I just came back from an ice storm. I could not make it up a little hill. A Sentra pulled over next to ask if I needed help since my tail end slid towards the snow bank. He was sliding, but he made it up the hill. I did not make it and I knew I had steeper hills ahead. I had to turn around to make it home on main roads. At least I was able to do that. I tried with traction control on and off. To get unstuck, I heated up the tires, until they smoked and then slowly accelerated and that worked. I hoped the heated tires would help melt the ice. I have windshield de-icer that I could use on the tires and road. Does anyone know if that works to get unstuck?

I do not like these tires anymore. I am going to try the Continental ExtremeContact DWS next time and wait on the back-order. I plan to order them early before next Winter season. I just want this snow/ice to stop!
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I have a 2011 2.0T with stock 18s. I got stuck in a parking spot.... But its definitely fun in the snow without traction control!

We've had 3 big snowstorms here already (my car was in a garage for every storm) and I have driven it fine on all the days after. Just don't take it to go skiing.

On a side note, you can get radial tire chains for $30 on Amazon. May pick some up myself just in case.
I drove on the stock 19" Bridgestones. Its all about your TRUE skill like I said. Many people think they can drive in the snow...only a portion of those really can.
I drove on the stock 19" Bridgestones. Its all about your TRUE skill like I said. Many people think they can drive in the snow...only a portion of those really can.
Well, care to share some tips? I tried driving on Summer tires with my ex-car, a 350Z and it was possible, but I had to drive really slow and let other people pass me.
everything has to be subtle. nothing sharp turns, acceleration/deceleration, DONT LET YOUR WHEELS SPIN W.O TRACTION. Get into a snow covered parking lot and really drive the car around, see what its capable of...

im from Ohio originally where we get more snow on a consistant DC snow is managable...
Would you recommend snow tires on 17 or 18" rims for the track version or would tire chains be able to cut it on the stock 19" with summer tires?

I know there can be clearance issues with the brembo calipers on smaller rims.
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