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How many used GC buyers?

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If so, mileage when purchased, general price, warranties, options,etc.

2010 GC 3.8 auto. 27839 mi. $20k. CPO. bluetooth, usb jack, 4 oil changes.

I'm guessing there isn't many of us yet.

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That's a substantial amount of miles for a 1 year old model. You may want to look into the brake condition as they are fairly costly to replace at the dealership, but that is one incredible deal for a CPO. You've saved nearly $11,000 over new.
2010 GC 3.8 auto. 27839 mi. $20k. CPO.
You've saved nearly $11,000 over new.
Don't think OP mentioned if his car was base, GT or track. If base, that's not really a good deal and is more like only $4000 over new.

I've been looking at used GCs locally and on ebay and I would say that the difference between a great deal new and a pre-owned car is not significantly different.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the car!

my guess is that the OP's car is a 3.8 base. Bluetooth + USB jack is standard, so why that's a "plus" is beyond me? OP is probably just confused, or maybe the stealer swindled him into thinking they were optional extras? The 4 oil changes are worth roughly $120-140 at stealership prices.

In my area (NY), there are two 2.0T Premium 5AT w/ 27k miles for ~$18.1k. So a 3.8 base (assuming that's the correct trim level) for $20k is an ok price, with a $2k differential b/w 2.0 and 3.8 cars. But this is better news for new owners b/c the resale value of the car ($26,200 or so for a new one) appears to be holding up.

My judgment: mediocre deal. Hopefully the dealer didn't jack up the price for more "options" like the leather seats and paddle shifters.

Best of luck with the car, and welcome again.
i bought a '10 r-spec last week. 2977 miles, $23,000, build date was april 2010
Wish it were like that up here. From what I have found these cars are holding their values pretty well. Consider after discounts mine was $28 000, I am seeing prices for other 3.8 models with 25 000km's starting around $26 500. And its the winter time, can't imagine what it would be like in the summer and my car would have low miles.

Though, I wouldn't sell. :D
2010 3.8 GT manual w/ Navigation - 44xxx KM
Manufactured fall 2009
Protection Package (I shouldn't have got it)
After Taxes and fees
Just under $30k CAD
Only down side of buying a used Hyundai is the power train warranty: 5 yr/60k. Not 10/100k
Wow, now I am feeling pretty good.

I walked in after talking with internet sales with a CapitalOne blank check. I paid an extra grand to have them CPO the GC until 100K and then the finance manager checked their financing, got me 0.5% lesser APR rate and and extended warranty to 100K to boot.

Then this week, I got a notice from Keffer Hyundai that used cars get one years free maintenance. Now, I'm not worrying about the 30K service so much.

Our car are holding great value. I traded my car for 18,500 (dealership) with 14K miles. It was a 2.0T Prem. It is the best trade in I have ever had.
Only down side of buying a used Hyundai is the power train warranty: 5 yr/60k. Not 10/100k
Certified Pre-Owned cars get the balance of the 10/100k.

Hyundai CPO
looks like I got a good deal.

Continued on next post.
:D Very good deal Nice I want to see Pics. :D
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