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After I convinced my father to buy the genesis g80 I fell in love with the coupe. Finally and quite unexpectedly, I find my self staring at my very own 2015 3.8. It has a few small mostly cosmetic things wrong with it such as leaking tail lights and a LED fog light strip not working due to a previous owners front end collision. Despite these things this car is absolutely amazing and it's weird looking at it and knowing that this is my car. I'm not looking to mod this car but I do want to modify it in ways that make it a better version of itself such as better waterproofing and interior trim restoration. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this car and I'm hoping that this forum will be a great source of information going forward.

So hello to all! I hope you like my car! The front plate is a genuine French plate however I'm from CT so it's there because it's my lucky plate and its been on every car I've owned.
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