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Excuse me if my post seems a bit vague and confusing, this is my first post. I’ll try to include all of the necessary details but please ask me for clarification if I’m leaving anything out.

I have been wheel shopping just a little bit and I am curious about multiple things.

How wide should I make my tires? I’d like to increase the ride quality a little and I haven’t been able to find examples of how wide others make their car. When I increase the width of my tires, do my new rims have to match? I feel like that question is a little silly, but I’d rather ask than guess.

When I decide to upgrade my brakes later (I don’t see myself getting big brakes, probably just a standard brembo kit) would I have to worry too much about my wheels being able to fit over them?

I’d also like to install a widebody kit down the road, how will my wheel buying decision effect how they’ll fit with a widebody kit later?

Lastly, how will offset effect some of these things? I was considering running 22mm because I’m pretty sure that would add a little bit of lip, but I’m not sure how that will effect anything else.

Any advice or guidance towards other places with this kind of information would be greatly appreciated. I have next to no knowledge about how wheels work since I used to just slap 21” rims on everything in Midnight Club without a care in the world haha, but I’d like to learn how to make the best decision I can before I make a purchase.

Thank you
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