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I bought the Type-D grill!!! SEXY!!!!! Only thing I did NOT like about it was that it came with two sided tape to "hold" it to the bumper along the bottom. That tape lifted in about 2 hours (even with proper cleaning & prepping of the bumper).

It didn't sit flush until I removed the tabs that hold the stock grill in place, then everything matched PERFECTLY!

Regardless of the snags, I <3 THIS GRILL!!!

Also forgot to add, both those pics were taken BEFORE the tabs were cut off from the bumper. It sits even closer now
I wish my car looked that good, but my paint job is f*ucked.... Thanks, Hyundai! Never buying even slightly used ever again. Hopefully it'll look better after new paint and a good polish job.

Moving on... That grill looks fine being painted with the stock fog bezels. Think I might order the Sarona one painted. Or maybe even the Type-D this summer.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts