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DIY: Indash Radio Install​


As with any DIY you assume full responsibility for what you do to your car and I am in no way liable for any damage that happens. In other wards do this DYI at your own risk!

Car: 2010 Genesis coupe R-Spec Edition

For all of my DIY the car model and trim will be a 2010 Genesis coupe R-Spec Edition most trims will be the same for most aspects but there is the possibility that things can be different on your trim vehicle that may require altering the DIY steps ect.


Philips screwdriver
Socket wrench
8MM socket
Socket Extension
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Interior trim removal tools
Electrical tape


In this installation I’m installing an Alpine INA-W900BT, TR-7 trigger module to bypass the unit and Genesis coupe reverse camera from ebay. Some parts of this installation will require you to remove interior panels from the car, mainly the center console so please refer to the following DIY’s:

Removing Center Console

Setting Up Harness

1) Okay let’s start this installation off. I always do this part before I even get to the car as it’s a tedious process and its best to do it in a comfortable place. First Lay out all your harnesses and at least have an idea on how they will come together.

2) Now you’re going to splice together the harnesses into one main harness. The key to this is to match up colors in all the harnesses. The picture below shows the speakers all spliced together. Best thing is to look at the wire diagrams supplied by the manufacture.

3) Now that you have all your wires correctly connected together it will look like a total mess! So tidy it up and use your electrical tape! You want to have as neat of an install as possible and having it all bundled up will make final installation easier. As a side note in this picture the Blue wire and the green wire from the TR-7 must be connected together but since I have amp I decided to wait on that one till I did the final install.

Installing Bluetooth Mic

1) I decided to mount my Mic right next to where my boost gauge is by the gauge cluster.

2) Now, put your steering column all the way down and feed your Mic wire in between the steering wheel column and the dash. You’ll see the wire now on the floor so put your Mic in the exact position you would like, pull all the slack, and raise your steering wheel back to its original position.

3) Next, you must feed the Bluetooth Mic to the center console area. To do this by the gas pedal remove the lowest panel of the dash. After you do this feed the wire up into the center console area and pull on the extra slack. Leave the wire there as it will be needed for the final installation.

4) In my case I had a Bluetooth module box which I mounted right on the bottom of the center dash area.

Installing GPS Antenna

1) I decided to mount my GPS antenna under the Dome where the LCD Display is. I could do this because I have no center speaker so sorry to others with a center speaker!

2) First you have to remove the CD face to do this use your trim tool to pull off the face there are four pressure clips on each corner of the piece. Now just pull up on the dome it shouldn’t take too much strength to pop it off.

3) Next you have to remove the LCD Screen this is very simple just remove the 4 screws and unplug the harness in the back of the screen.

4) Now you need a flat surface to mount the GPS antenna so I just so happened to have a nice rectangular piece of aluminum that was painted flat black from a previous project I was working on that just so happened to fit. For the others that don’t have this, use your imagination, you just need something flat to hold up the antenna. Now I slide the metal into the space and secured it with double sided tape.

5) Now I attached the magnetic pad from the GPS antenna to the surface and attached the antenna to it. Afterwards just lead the wire down into the dash and leave it there until final installation.

Installing Rear view Camera

1) First open your trunk and remove the floor lining. After that you need to remove the trunk sill this is done by removing the two screws on each side and pulling up on the panel; it will have two pressure clips so use some force.

2) Next, remove the passenger side trunk liner by removing the two screws on the floor and the three locking fasteners. Pull out the liner and put it away somewhere.

3) Now let’s physically install the camera. Remove the passenger side license plate bulb holder and move the wire harness aside. Take the cameras wires and put them up through the hold and back down on the other side of the bumper. Then snap it back up into place.

4) Next remove the grommet in the trunk by the trunk sill and bring the wires up through this hole. Better pray you have a snake or this will be nearly impossible.

5) For this step I used 25 feet of your basic composite (red and white) audio cable. The red RCA I connected to the cameras video feed. The white one I then cut the connector off and used the wire in the middle for the reverse wire that will later be attached to the radio. So now you should have 3 wires the wire from the cut off connector used as your reverse wire and the two power wires from the camera. Take the black wire from the camera and ground it out to the body of the car I used one of the tail light bolts. For my case my radio allows me to look at my camera whenever I want so I wanted a switched 12V wire which I tapped into the blue wire on the tail light harness. For all other installations just attach the reverse wire and the red power wire from the camera on to the reverse wire of the tail light. In my case the grey wire.

6) Now we have to run the RCA wire through the interior the easiest way is along the side of the car push it under the seat and then we have to remove two panels. First remove the passenger kick panel by pulling it out and towards the driver side then pull up on the passenger side sill. This will easily give you the clearance needed to route the wire to the front then under the glove box and through the side panel up into the dash. Lastly, the red RCA connector get connected to the radios rear camera video feed and the white RCA connectors head gets chopped off and connected to the reverse wire on the radio.

Running Ipod cable
1) I wanted to run my ipod cable to the glove box where the OEM one would be. I was originally going to splice everything into the OEM media box but I was lazy and decided not to. First empty out your glove box and pull out the black carpet square. It may be hard to do at first just use a pick and it will come right out. Next remove the Plastic panel by the E-brake.

2) Run your snake through the hole in the bottom of the glove box out to where the ebrake is. Then Push the usb and auxiliary wires into the ebrake area and use the snake to pull it into the glove box.

Setting Up Dash Kit

1) Here is the easiest step transfer over everything from the old dash kit to the new one. It’s 4 screws for the climate controls, 4 screws for the cubby area, and two pressure clips for each top button. Also, a tip from one of our members here use the OEM clips from the dash kit when you re-install it for a flusher appearance.


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Installing Radio

1) First you must remove the old radio by removing the four screws at each corner and pulling it out. After you pull it out remove all the harnesses that attach to the radio and set it aside.

2) Install your brackets onto your radio. You’ll want to play around with this to see how much it sticks out or how flush it is.

3) Next connect all the wires to the correct port on your radio. Slide it in and test the radio and make sure all the functions work.

Final Install

Now just re-install all body panels and sit back and enjoy your new system. If you have any questions or comments feel free to message me and I can help you.

Final Install Pics:

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