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Indianapolis- Racing Capital of the World Checking In

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Hey forum.... I bought my 2010 3.8 Track in April 2010 and have been a frequent watcher of the website since then. Finally decided to register tonight. I also reserved a cabin for the 2011 GenSport Rally in April tonight as well so can't wait to meet up with many of you. I have been a member on the Genesis Coupe Indiana page on Facebook for several months now as well. I live in Indinapolis (currently under about 2 inchs of ice) but born and will die a BUCKEYE at heart.
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LOL.. As you can see, he's trying to send us a PM and needs 10 posts to do so.

Welcome... and by the way.. I think Charlotte is the Racing Capital of the World.. :cool:.. (even though I'm not a NASCAR fan)
How's it going this is chris from the facebook group. We need to set up a real name/forums name thread so we all know who we are talking to.
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