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Hello, I bought 650cc deka Siemens injectors recently and i want to put them in my 2010 2.0. I have a haltech platinum pro plug n play ecu. And i installed it with a base map onto my car with some minor adjustments.

So now I’m ready for my injectors, now i know i can get my tuner to do this, but i wanted the experience myself, and wanted them done before i go to get the real tuning done. These 650cc injectors came with this data sheet
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It has the flow data and the offset/deadtimes data, but not in its direct plug n play format, or at least i dont think. Maybe i dont know how to read this data sheet and implement it into the table cells correctly, but that’s why i came here :)

anyways here is the base map injector flow, deadtimes, and prime pulse tables.
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So, if anyone is up for doing the math or figure it out the actual data needed to be entered, please help.
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