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Hey Everyone,

Shoutout to EVG_DL. He did all the work while I watched er supported! :fleshbox: I def appreciate his effort to help especially after his busy work day!

Also to PaceLaw2012 for some last minute on the spot researching assistance.

What you need
Genesis Coupe V6
Lifts, jackstands, etc! Enough to make the car stand and not wobble
Flathead screwdriver
Socket Wrench with Sockets, the highest mm we used was 15, I believe
Breaker bar alias "cheater bar" (makes unscrewing the screws easier)
WD-40 WD-40 not to mention some WD-40..WD-40

Step One:

Lift the car up.

We reversed up onto ramps (rhinoramps or something equivalent) then took the Jack and lifted the rear end up by the LSD, limited slip differential. Make sure to lift it on the metal part of the LSD and not on the aluminum area, I would imagine the reason for this is obvious. Once the car is up, place jack stands in front of the rear wheels:

Once the car is settled on those, you will have to raise the front of the car up.

When the car is fully off the ground, make sure it is sturdy. Push it a bit and what not, do not forget you will be unscrewing screws which require some strength so naturally, if the car falls off with a little push your life was saved :rofl:

Please refer to the owners manual and any other guides on how to properly lift the car.

This is the view under the car:

Step two

Removing Muffler

Disconnect the Negative on the battery!!!

Organize the CPE exhaust in the way it will go into the car. This is just for convenience purposes:

Now after you made SURE that the car is sturdy on top of the stands, man up and go under the car.

You will see where the stock muffler connects to the stock midpipe:

Unscrew the two bolts. 15mm bolts, I think... anyway use WD-40 on the bolts, use WD-40 on EVERYTHING... haha... pretty much every bolt should get sprayed to make things easier. Also if you have a breaker bar, it will come in handy since it gives you more leverage which, in turn, requires less strength to loosen the bolt.

Once unscrewed, look for the muffler hanger. There are two located on each side of the car. They are made of rubber as well:

WD-40 them and then pull the metal piece out of the rubber hanger. If you are working with someone, they can help push the muffler while the other person pulls the rubber piece. Once it is out of both rubber holders, you are done taking the muffler off. Move it to the side.

Step 3

Removing Black connector bar

Go back under the car and you will see a Black bar connecting the stock pipes:

A 10mm is required for these. You know the drill... if they are hard to move WD-40 is the answer. Once that is done take the bar out from under the car.

Step 4

Unscrew the stock midpipes from the Factory CATS.

There should be 4 screws/bolts but do not put them far away since you will need to use them for the CPE pipes. Once those are out look for the hanger. It will also be made of rubber. I cannot find the picture :( but basically its the same thing as on the muffler. WD40 it and then pull. Put the stock pipe to the side.

Here are the results of your current work:

Step 5

installing CPE midpipes.

Slide the right pipe into the hanger. Make sure the parts on "ears" face each other. I think that is the term CPE used in their instruction manual... anyway the idea is that these two pipes have to then be connected together with a metal holder thingy so they have to face each other otherwise you will not be able to connect them.

Also, do not worry about which pipe is the left or right one. There is only one way they can go in. The pipes should slide into the cats easy.

After we installed everything, we thought we screwed up the pipes since there was a bit of a fitment issue so we undid everything just to learn that these pipes only go in one way.

Screw the pipes into the cats. I think on our second go around we tightened the pipes into the cats as much as possible, figured maybe the fitment issue was b/c it was too loose. I think it helped...more on that later.

Step 6

Take a clamp and the pipe piece that connects to the muffler. (muffler connector pipe) Put the clamp on the Muffler connector pipe and then slide the muffler connector pipe into the midpipe. On the right side we had a problem getting the pipe in. What EVG_DL did was, he took a flat head and put it between the slits located on the muffler connector pipe and widened the hole. Wish I had a picture but sadly... After a few minutes we tried again, along with some WD40. It went in, yay!

After both pipes are attached to each other slightly tighten the clamps but not all the way.

Step 7

Attaching the mufflers

Same idea here take a clamp, put it on the muffler... the part that connects to the muffler connector pipe:

Any resistance just use wd40. After this part, slide the mufflers into the rubber hangers. A second pair of hands helps here as well since someone should push the mufflers forward while the other person tries to slide the muffler into the hanger.

Repeat on the other side.

Step 8

Fine tuning

Once everything is connected, come out from underneath the car and look at the tips. You will spend a decent amount of time trying to get them even. Again, it is nice to have another person because one can go tighten everything while the other holds the tips in place so they do not move from the alignment you want. At this point also screw in the CPE midpipe connector thingy. At first he (EVG_DL) put it on from the top but he says it is easier to fine tune when he placed it on the bottom:

Step 9


Now that everything is tightened, reconnect the battery and turn the car on. If you want, you can say a little prayer before turning the car on :D

Prepare to be blown away by the awesome sound!

EVG_DL wanted to make sure there was no exhaust leakage so we covered the exit points of the exhaust, all 4 circle things and then listened for any hissing sound coming from underneath the car. We did not hear anything, so we turned the car off and prepared to lower it.

Step 10


This part varies on how you raised it. Just be patient and take your time so you do not drop the car....:hsugh:

Step 11

Take the car for a spin

Do not wake your neighbors if you are doing this late at night lol.

ALSO, you might notice this...

First I thought it was somehow snow, then I thought the car got excited and released its happiness...but apparently it is the WD40 in heated up form. Wipes off pretty easy.





All recordings done using iPhone4

same as video but using the recording feature on iPhone4:

Driving through my garage. short clip.
Drive into garage.m4a

In car idling and reving. not the best quality sadly
In car.m4a

Outside idling. Sounds cooler in real life. I am a fan!
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