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Installing a push-start w/ smart key

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I'm buying a 2.0T base but I'm bummed that it doesn't come with a push-start. Is it possible to install one with a smart key yourself? I know KAI sells the buttons w/ the harness but I dont know how you would mate a key with it. Any suggestions?
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its possible..... depending on how much money you want to put into it :p

that harness is just to wire the button, you need to replace the whole interior wiring harness AND get the control module for it. Even then I'm not 100% sure that it will work. The body control probably isn't programmed to know that the new keyless module it there.
you also have to get a new steering wheel locking pin, the push starts have an electronic servo lock, the manual starts lock with the key.

You'll also need to pick up the door handle antenna (drivers and passenger side), a wiring harness from a car that has the push button start, along with a door harness for each door, since those are different too. The key's are quite expensive (about 250 each), and so is the charge station (under the flippy cover in the center stack). You'll have to get your computer reprogrammed, but I'm not sure if the setting is in the BCM or the ECU.
Buy a Premium.
Push start isnt that big of a deal the proximity key i would miss for sure.
Buy a Premium.
Yup. Exactly.
Ha, for the amount it would cost to add this feature, you should of just bought the Premium.
Buy a Premium.
+1 for this... Chances are the cost to add it yourself will be more than just buying the model that comes with it. Similar to why I'm not trying to add a LSD to my 3.8 Grand Touring...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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