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I've searched through countless posts and pages and it seems most are only concerned with fitment but not performance. Interested in getting seat time at a local track so looking for a good compromise between looking decent while also not contributing to more understeer that this car already has as it is my daily driver.

Since most people running the above fitment are running -2+ degrees of camber in the rear to avoid rubbing, would that not induce more understeer?

I have just installed PBM or Parts Shop Max Pro coilovers on my BK2 and want to run the above sized wheels with the common 245/35 F - 275/35 R tire sizes. I was thinking of doing -2.5 camber in front and -1.0 to -1.5 in the rear to help dial out the understeer, or would that not be enough to mitigate the extra rear grip when trying to rotate the rear of the car around a corner.

On a side note: Are the OEM 2013 end links supposed to be facing opposite directions? On the driver's side, it goes in to the left of the coilover bracket facing the rear of the car and the passenger side has it going in to the left of the bracket facing the front of the car. Did I f*** it up?
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