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Hey guys,
So I am planning on getting a tune soon so after reading on the forums, I thought it was a good idea to get some gauges to monitor performance and get an idea of what the numbers are like on my stock ecu before I upgraded.
I bought some prosport evo gauges (boost, oil temp, and wideband afr) and installed them this past weekend. Now I read a lot about wideband placement and since I have and plan on keeping my cat, I put the sensor in the downpipe. I know the sensor instructions say not to put it after the cat but I didnt really have a choice as I dont want to go catless for emissions/inspection reasons.
Now i was reading that normal AFR numbers should be about 14.7 at idle. My gauge, at idle is between 16 and 17 (high 15, low 16s after driving for a bit) but levels right out to 14.7 when cruising.
Is it possible the cat interfering that much with the sensor at idle? Or is there another problem? Now I am hoping this is not a big issue as the car has 80k on it (2nd owner) and this is the first time i am looking at the afr readings.

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