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Just Stance top 25

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I made the top 25 for Just Stances top 25 features of the year.

Our 25 Favorite Features of 2010 | Just Stance
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Nice job. None of the other cars jump out at me other than the blue NSX. Yours is by far on top.
Congrats, your car's recognition continues to amaze!
nice congrats man! the people on those sites don't know that it really is only 'the beginning' :rofl:
Awww yeahhh. Party time!

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Another boost for your ego. Congrats Jake on the acheivment. :)
Congrats man! Rackin up the accolades. The time, money, and effort put into your car is certainly paying off. Well deserved for sure. Now get that stock turbo out of there and back those looks up with some crazy power :)
Thanks everyone!
Another boost for your ego. Congrats Jake on the acheivment. :)

Definitely not the best pic since Jake is a pretty humble guy, just a little funny :)
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IMO, based purely on looks, you should've been much higher on the list. Non-Gencoupe bias too. #1 didn't really make me go wow.
Kam, could you please put your full rim, tire, and amount of drop specifications in your sig.? I've read your specs to be something different a couple of times now.


PS. You have the best looking car out of all of those by a long ways.
Sure, and you've read different things because they've been different. ;)
Congrats to you.

Off topic: What exactly is a "paint delete mod". Car #3 has this listed under mods :dunno:
I'll take 4, 10, 18, and the ladys in 25!
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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