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KSL and PowerAXEL @ Fujita Dyno Facility

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Through some awesomeness.. I was able to have PowerAXEL install their headers and do a lovely reflash to my car.

Awesome products! Love everything thats been done.

I do have an exhaust but this is custom as noted on dyno sheet. (click link on bottom of OP)

Mufflers are made by Stromung that were originally made for the 07-08 Acura TL-S. I was able to get my hands on a set and have work done.

Here is a sound clip of the exhaust before headers + reflash

Here is a clip from PowerAXEL at Fujita for the reflash

No rattling from the headers of any sort.

I'll try to get more videos of rolling, taking off, etc etc.

Anyways... 3.8ers!!! Join the group buy!

[PowerAXEL] Genesis Coupe 3.8 Headers + ECU Reflash - New Year Group Buy!!!

NOTE: People waiting on the final KSL Video.... It will be done around... February.. I hope.

Also, if anyone wants to order anything of the KSL products on my car, let me know! I will help forward you to the right people.
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sounds good! nice gains too.
Nice video and gains!
Any A/F ratio data provided?
sounds good! nice gains too.
Nice video and gains!
Any A/F ratio data provided?
thanks! and I don't have any... haha.
sounds nice..looking forward to that full video
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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