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ksl body kit

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Hey anyone has seen this new body kit from ksl. go to youtube type ksl trailer. whatcha think??
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This kit is good in that it's polyurethane and not FG which is a + and the pricing is decent too. This is currently on my list to get atm.
if it's regarding the Genesis Coupe and an aftermarket product, someone somewhere on this forum is bound to know lol
i think its awesome.

hehe ;)
Thanks for directing me to this. I hope people realize I've had that kit for 2 years. It's not new. The fact its in PE is new but that's it.
how does your kit mount up?
I'm not a fan of the kit because I had to drill into my stock side skirts and my rear bumper.

Goto and look up the bliss kit, it was one of the first kits offered for the gencoupe but nobody ever acknowledged it. It annoys me that someone would call this thing new when in fact it's soo old. It's just been readapted.
The front lip is great, and that's why I've kept it on my car.
The difference is ones Poly and ones fiberglass. I was questioning the rear a bit, but its still soo close. I know for certain the rest is the same.
Lol you know I never even bothered looking at that Bliss kit too closely. Meh...
Lol agree'd mike. It's very plain. The front lip is nice but the rest is very quaint.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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