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Looking for built 2.0 complete short block

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Hi there,

Does anyone know where I can get ready stock for a builded and balance complete short block, either with wiseco or manley piston and rods. Beyond redline needs at least 60 days which is way too long for me.

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We can do it, but it will not be cheap because we will have to buy the short block and parts + install everything to spec.
English is probably their second language.
Not intended to make fun or anything, english is my 2nd too. Thought id ask just in case this term means something different
Sorry bad English. Errr momma?
um you can buy a block and build it yourself.
AMS Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Stage 1 shortblock - Automotosports, Inc.
Sad but true, as I am outside US. Their online payment gateway doesn't cover where I am and it's been 2 days with no reply since My request to the sales
We gotcha covered, sir. :)
Beyond Redline sells a built block.
60 days isnt all that long...patience is a virtue! from what im seeing doesnt look like you are gonna get one much faster.
By the track record on here. Just let BR do it. There's already MSUGeomans monster car built by them and it came out perfect. Get er don!
Sadly 60 days is really too much for me
What kind of built are you looking for?
High boost? High revving? Top end power? There's a lot of different ways to strengthen a motor.
What turbo are you using?
How are you tuning it.

There's far too many variables to just say "Hey, I need a built motor".
Haha, well said. Our block is an open deck so no high boost at high rpm, as I understood we only have forged pistons and rods for this engine so what I am looking is simple as a new block with forged internal installed and balanced.

I plan to run a gt2871 or 3071 somewhat around 400bhp
Either wait the 60 days for BR or get a timeline from Tom
Hey Tom PM a price for the built short block. Assuming I would provide short block and not including shipping. Same specs as the gentleman/lady requesting in this thread. I travel for a living, so being without the car for a month or so is no biggy. Thanks.
oh i see
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