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Luxon grill for sale

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Luxon grill- $125 plus shipping obo. No damage looks really nice. Pm me if interested
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Pictures of the product will greatly help your chances of selling.
picture? Color? not going to sell without those.
Sorry guys it's dark here. I'll take pics in the morning
Is it matte black or color matched to your current vehicle?
For some strange reason my photobucket login isn't working. There is pics of it in the exterior forum. Search gc tuner sponsorships for retrofit headlights. My car is the black one with the grill obviously :D. I'll try to get other pics if those don't work for you guys. Thanks
Subscribing for pics

thats the link to the page with pics of the grill. If you need more I'll make another photobucket account and upload them there. just let me know guys

Try in the future
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That is a bad ass car. Love the headlights.
Hey guys, I changed my mind. I need to keep it in case I have problems with my new bumper in the future. Sorry if you were interested, but my new bumper is fiberglass and they tend to break easily so it's just precautionary. I might still sell in the future but I need to keep it for now. :(
HIV negative on the sale. Sorry bud. Mods please lock this bitch up :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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