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made my own bov setup

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so after having the hks in stock location...i realized that sound just wasnt for me...even my girlfriend said if my car was yellow we could call it tweety bird. i love the way my greddy rs bov sound and the rfl.

i had a bunch of alum pipes and clamps and couplers left over from motors and swaps ive done for people.
i cant imagine spending almost 300-400 bucks on just that peice.

i had two flages to choose from since i have both bov that i could use. i ended up using the rfl because it cant sound anymore ricey than hks. and i like being ricey.

i started with this pipe.

then cut it down to size and fit it up to make sure it fit great.

i then used my drill to make a hole with this tool.

i then just used this to clean up and make it smooth hole

i got a buddy to weld the alum flange for me for 25 bucks....heres the complete set up

now i did run into some trouble. i hooked this bov the same way your suppose to do the hks. well when i did that it could hear compressor surge and not opening all the way and wasnt that loud....which is was like a bomb going off in my 240.

i then just ran the bov straight to where you are suppose to put the boost gauge set up. now it sounded correct and didnt shutter and blew off no problem. i just capped off the bov solinoid and T the stock bov in the line line coming off the compressor housing off the turbo.

so far after driving around no cell. now well see because usally it takes a min for this cell to go. but i will keep you updated on what happens. ive read somebody did it this way before and still hasent thrown a cell but its just trial and error.

NOW! keep in mind i have put no money into this set up except the 25 bucks to get the flange welded because i already had the bov! sweet deal i think.
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Good job, very innovative.
Very nice, can you post video to hear the sound ?
need a vid of this one gread job :bowdown:
heres some can watch in 720 if you want but theres not realy much of a diff except sound.

Nice job! :D
That sounds pretty good!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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