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members to tune CMD dallas

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Hey everyone i am about to purchase a CMD but dont know much about tuning and such. Is there anyone remotely close to dallas who can help me tune it once i get it?

Thanks any help would be appreciated i can compensate for your time if needed
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Do you have a wideband as well? You'll need to get it on a dyno if you don't. The canned tunes available for download are pretty safe, but it's always best to get your a/f checked. The canned tunes in general aren't horrible but I view them as a starting point more than an end point.

Jotech can do it for sure. They've been tuning MasterVu's car with it for a while. Not sure what they charge.
Yeah, jotech for sure. they have experience with the cmd. Although buddy of mines is familiarizing himself with the PA software in arlington. We may make the leap here soon. lmk if you're interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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