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Montreal/Laval region announcements-2011

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Hi and welcome to the Montreal region track information thread.

This is intended for everyone looking for information about the regional tracks available and all the track days/weekly events that are happening this year in our beautiful Province.

Please keep the thread clean and free from cross-chatter so we can have a concise way of getting quickly through the available information/events without having to go through 50 thread pages.

I'll include a link to the ASE sub-forum on to start off the Thread, this includes very good information about the upcoming events scheduled to take place @ the St-Eustache Autodrome, Calabogie, Mosport and such.

Lapping / Circuit ***sponsored by PERRY PERFORMANCE - MONTREALRACING

Also for anyone interested, here's a link to the St-Eustache Autodrome site, there's a couple pages regarding circuit racing(Circuit routier) and some information about the lapping Club too.

Circuit Routier : Autodrome St-Eustache

Anyways, I hope to see more members from here on the track this year..!!!


Edit: I'll update this thread with any new information about Open track days available, so anyone interested can check it out.

Also to anyone with relevant information about tracks that already have been posted, add to the thread and I'll update the OPs.
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This is a link to the track I have hit the most recently

École de pilotage auto & moto| cours - forfaits – location piste | Mécaglisse Québec

They are open year long, and offer wide variety of track configuration. From Super motard bike racing, to go-kart, rally and standards car track days.

It is by no mean a "fast" track. You are constantly battling with curves and apexes. It is a great way to learn how to control your car though. It feels like a Auto-X track at times.

Since it's relatively far, it tends to attract mostly enthusiasts... good thing. typical full days are around 130$ including insurance. No membership was required for their own track days but many club also reserve the track for their own members.

Newest track in the Area is Icar. The racing complex is built on a abandoned airfield. That translate to zero elevation changes and a couple funky pavement sections. It a very fast track where you will be hitting speeds in the 200km/h range in a couple sectors. It tends to be in the more expensive range though. the complex includes a go-kart track and a brand new Drag strip.

ICAR | Complexe de sports motorisés à Mirabel - Karting - Voitures

Thought I'd go along and add some information about other "local" tracks:

Calabogie Motorsport:

Calabogie Motorsports Park

Short video around the track:

Mosport Raceway:

Mosport International Raceway - Canada's Home of Motorsports

Again, a short video around the track:

Is anyone attending the calabogie driving course may 7-8 ?
Is anyone attending the calabogie driving course may 7-8 ?
I wish !! Unfortunately, most of my "fun factor" savings are going on trips these years.
Is anyone attending the calabogie driving course may 7-8 ?
hmm... well the link is on, but the forums are down today...

Just go to Perry Auto Laval and ask for it, the cost is 750$

I signed up already :)

EDIT : ill put the link once the forums are back up
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