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Been there, but forgot it
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First time at the Ridge track with my GC

(hoping this post makes people feel good about buying their GC's)
Session 1 in Intermediate
1- Didn't crash
2- Started behind a V8 Mustang and a GC, and ended behind the same 2 cars
3- Got by an older Porsche Boxster
4- Best time 2:18
Session 2 in Intermediate
1- Didn't crash
2- Got by a WRX, gapped an STi that was following me, got by another STi that was in front of me
3- Only person to pass me was a Porsche
3- Best time 2:11
Session 3 in Expert
1- Didn't crash
2- Got by a Camero, and caught a Boss 302 that had been pretty far in front of me.
3- Best time 2:09
1- missed shifts!

With the stock tires and TC off (SC on), I was slippin and sliden all over the place, but it never felt dangeous.
Other than the crappy shifter, I thought the car handled extremely well, totally predictable, and is a blast to drive. I really had a great time. Brakes (Motul RBF 600 brake fluid and Hawk HP Plus Race Brake Pads) worked great.

More details and cell phone video links:

Session 1, Intermediate (only pass in the 3 marked areas, IF you get a point-by)

Start, following V8 Mustang, Yellow Auto GC, and Silver Boxster - 1st lap cold tires

Start 2nd lap at 2:55 ( I used a white cone at apex of turn 1 as my timing mark)
I let a BRZ by, as just into my 2nd lap, seemed fairly modified and pretty quick, then I let a quick Porsche by

Start 3rd lap 5:15, at this point I consider my tires warmed up, back on the Mustang
The BRZ and Porsche now passed the Mustang and Yellow GC
On the long straight they get past the Boxster but i get stuck behind it.

Start 4th lap 7:35
at 9:07 the Boxster points me by, but I have lost time on the Mustang

Start 5th lap 9:53
At 10:20 I let an STi by, I realized later (7th lap of 2nd session) I should not have, as I was quicker then him when not being held up

Start 6th lap 12:11
Now we have a Smart Car holding us up. Guy is pretty fast in bends, and always lets everyone by as soon as we get to a legal passing zone.

End of lap at 14:31, same Mustang and Yellow GC in front of me.

2 2:20
3 2:20
4 2:18
5 2:18
6 2:20


Session 2, Intermediate (only pass in the 3 marked areas, IF you get a point-by)

Start, following WRX and a silver BRZ, 1st lap cold tires

Start 2nd lap 2:50
Let that black Porsche by again, which held me up a bit.

Start 3rd lap 5:07
At 5:12 the WRX I am following almost lost it
Somewhere in this time span I had an STi come up on me, but I did not wave it by as the WRX was holding be back
At 6:23 I find a rock on the line!
At 6:35 finally the WRX gave me a point by. Now I had no one in front, and the STi behind.
At about 7:09 I went from 3rd to 2nd instead of 4th, I did not pop the clutch and caught the mistake quickly before I blew the engine. Hate the shifter in this car. At far end of straight I could see something silver.

Start 4th lap 7:23
At 8:34 the rock is still on the track, but I'm able to avoid it this time.
At 9:02 I could see the silver car I was chasing, a Honda S2000. I had put a decent gap on the STi behind me.

Start 5th lap 9:34
At 11:15 I can see I am catching the Honda in front of me. But at 11:40, that STi from the 1st sessions pulls into the track right in front of me. Shame on him a little, but big shame on the flag person who let him out like that.

Start 6th lap 11:46
I see we have the Smart Car in front of us again.
At 13:19 the Smart Car gives the STi and I a point-by

Start 7th lap 14:05
At 15:35 the STi gives me a point-by, as then as I come down the hill, I can see I have caught a large group.

End of lap at 16:22 (but held up after checkered flag)

A guy in a new Miata that was following me came over to ask about my GS, he was surprised he couldn't keep up with me.

2 2:17
3 2:16
4 2:11
5 2:12
6 2:19
7 2:17

Since no one but the Porsche passed me, (and I could leave the track for home sooner)
I decided to move into the Expert Group
Session 3, Expert (Pass anywhere, IF you get a point-by)

Start, I have a Porsche Boxster GT4, a very serious Orange Audi, and a Yellow Porsche in front of me. Pretty sure I had the slowest car out there. Sun was now horrible at 3 parts of the track.
At 2:14 they let a Porsche out to block me again!

Start 2nd lap 2:20
The red VW passed me without a point by. Jerk.

Start 3rd lap 4:35

Start 4th lap 6:50
We had caught up to some Camero, and at 8:19 the Camero let me by

Start 5th lap 9:06
Sun was now really bad.
At 10:41 coming down the hill I can see a red Vette behind a Mustang Boss 302

Start 6th lap 11:15
At 11:18/19 notice the yellow S2000 in the grass and the nice patch of dirt he put on the track

Start 7th lap 13:26
Caught the Boss 302
At 15:15 I missed a shift again, just when I wanted to run down the Boss

End of lap at 15:39

2 2:15
3 2:15
4 2:16
5 2:09
6 2:11
7 2:13

Been there, but forgot it
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After YouTube took 2 hours to upload, and I watched the vids, it now says they are too long and took them down. What a stupid ass system to wait a day to give me an error.

I'll chop them in half and re-post tomorrow.

Been there, but forgot it
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Ok, I think I fixed the vids.

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Nice write up, but..!

Ok, I think I fixed the vids.
Hey Kurt, nice write up, and Google site also. I'd love to watch the videos, but YouTube is showing the videos as being private. Looks like a fun track, with plenty of elevation changes.

Looking forward to future posts. Cheers!

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Nevermind, looks like they're working now. Have been having DSL problems all weekend.
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