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Navigation / Info GPS System Screen error

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About a week ago, I was driving in the night when my navigation system started to show errors on the screen and would be hard to connect Bluetooth. I would turn the car off then on for it to turn on. Earlier that day it was raining super hard, then those issues started. (Couple months prior , I’d get a error show up now and then but it would go away and the system would work normally). This issue with the system lasted about 2-3 days until one morning it didn’t load up past the “Hyundai” screen with half the error code in right side of the screen. It would then try to reboot but then continue in that loop( Hyundai Screen -> error pops up -> reboot). The radio worked but nothing else worked ( map, clock, AC speed etc.). I went ahead and bought a used replacement on eBay from a crashed Genesis Coupe 2016, and installed it yesterday to get the same exact error from the OG system. Im not sure if the replacement had the same problem or the issue is not with the system but in the wires/ ECU. Does anybody know anything about this issue?


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This may be over simplistic but make sure your battery isn't too old or starting to go bad. I've had many strange and unexplained electrical problems that completely disappeared by replacing the battery.
Suprised that blulink is built on microsoft ce....

Linux/android/bsd is far more easier to build on and no license royalties to pay
When you say "reboot" do you mean pull the fuse for the entertainment/map system and let it sit for a bit before putting the fuse back in and starting the car up?

Mine locked up on the start up screen several years ago. Drove it to the dealer and the guy was done in minutes. Just pulled that fuse, stuck it back in and it was "fixed."

Did it to me again a few years later and I pulled the fuse myself and took care of it.
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