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HELP! For the Love of God I cannot seem to find the exact length and lifting power (in lbs) online or in this forum for the 2010 2.0T? After calling every local shop no suppliers can get it. Refuse to get raped by Hyundai. Found a great selection of them at Princess Auto here in town today $11.99-$29.99 CAD$ but do not know the lifting strength in lbs. Nothing printed on the factory part except for Stabilus (Lifto-Mat) brand name (Hyundai part # 811612M000). Can't seem to cross reference the two anywhere for specs.

THANKS for any input in advance

UPDATE: Left unanswered long enough will force solutions I guess and the simple fix for avoiding Dealer piracy of almost $100 CDN after taxes for this strut was found in buying one from Princess Auto (2" shorter but works fine). $12.99 for 27" Stabilus Lift-O-Mat with 250N (250N (newtons) / 4.45 = 56lbs) lifting strength. Went to install and realized another glitch in the fitment was the fact the hood side socket on the original shock is ANGLED, mine was straight so would not lock in. Quickly realized I could simply unscrew the top socket connector on the old lift shock and screwed it onto the new shock. Works perfect, held hood up perfectly. Closed perfectly.

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