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need injector?

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hi, i have injen cai,exeladyne cat-back exaust and i will buy the PA of BR before the summer and i dont know if i need to buy the 550cc of deatswertch injector. will be more safe to buy it for fiability and will i gain some extra power?
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won't need it for reliability you won't be running lean with just a catback, but it will open doors for more power in the future. Not to mention with the bigger injectors your car will have more power up top since it can handle more fuel. The car won't fall flat on its face.
ok thanks its good i will safe some money:)
if your running any set up with more than 235whp then youll need it
With BR PA module 93 octane, intake, Forge BOV, and cat-back. What benefit would I see out of Injectors and a modified BR tune?
but i will have the stage one of BR and more because i have the cat-back and not the axelback and i think we got 185whp stock and the stage 1 give 45hp so i will be at
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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