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New From NY

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Hello everyone. I currently live in Western New York, drive a stage 2 supercharged Tiburon and have been a member of the forum for 2+ years. I have done just about everything you can to this car (aside from a body kit and gutting it) and am sick of having to keep putting money into it so I've decided to step up. I'm looking to get a white 3.8 V6 Track package but before I do, I was hoping you could answer or direct me to an answer about a couple questions. I spent WAY too much building the tib, and plan on doing some research this time :)

I do not plan on keeping this vehicle stock and need to know the following:

How much horsepower can the 2.0T engine withstand? The 3.8 engine? What about the transmissions?

EDIT: Just did some deeper research and found my answers. Looks like the 2.0T will be the better option. Start off with less power but greater overall ability to match the 3.8 and beyond and still be cheaper than straight out buying the 3.8 I look forward to joining these forums as an actual owner :D
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welcome bro your deff better with a 2.0 can put that extra money and by pass the v6
come check some out firsthand at our meet...check out the regional thread
Hello again. Now many months later... tomorrow I am picking up my 2011 Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-spec in Karussell White (the only one I could find within 212 miles :) )
congrats man, any immediate plans?
The 3.8 ZF (auto) can hold 400whp, no idea on the 2.0T auto, you'd be fine in the 200-270 range (just a guess)
any big numbers on both the 2.0 and 3.8 m/t's would need a better clutch from what i've seen

and welcome! :hello:
heya Chris!
welcome to the Genesis Forumz!
Good to see a fellow WNY'er...Havent seen to many in the area, I kinda like it that way too...Hope everything goes well for ya!! Congrats on the new ride...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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