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hi everyone i was washing my car today when i began to think i wonder whats been going on with the new genesis coupe been few months sense i checked up on it. so i went to you tube and found this how 2 make a genesis coupe car cut out lol, and it lead me here! lol my first car i bought was a hyundai S-coupe turbo lmao i got it for $400 totaled back in like 2000 i fixed it up and drove the crap out of it for several years, never had any problems with it. then i moved here to tulsa OK got a career and it was time for a new car. i was looking at all kinds of stuff eclipse, civic stuff like that. then i was like well my hyundai i have had so far has been great lets see what they have. so then i went 2 a hyundai dealer and saw it!!! i was like thats the car i want!!! well heres what i was washing today

i love my tibby, has a few mods SRI, exhaust, 3 LCD's inside, camera's, ps3 and xbox 360, 18's and a bunch of other stuff, soon 2 come CF hood, headers, lowered. ill be done paying this car off in another 2 years. just in time for a gen coupe!!! i really like the gen coupe however there a few things i think could be added. im kinda disappointed that the gen coupe dosent have a dvd\gps i was really wanting my next car to have all this standard, so i dont have 2 buy it extra and do all the mods again, and by looking at the dash of the gen coupe it dosent look like adding an after market unit will work. also the cool thing about the genesis sedan was the TAU!!!! why was this not used in the gen coupe??? mabey there saving it for something else????
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