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2014 Genesis 2.0t
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Okay, so tomorrow I'm getting a 2014 2.0t with 5
62k miles.
I want to upgrade things on it.
1- I hate the fake hood vents. Does anyone sell them vented ?
2 - I know I have to change the gaskets on the rear lights to avoid leaks, I think I can do that.
3 - Can/Should I change the sunroof lining as well?
4 - I have to change the muffler. The end is starting to rust. Is there a quick fix to that or do I have to change the ENTIRE tube?
5 - What quick changes can I make to it myself?

I should mention, I really don't know much about how cars work. I've never even so much as changed my oil BUT I want to get into all this starting with that. I really liked this car the moment I ran into it. I want this car to last me a while and I want to perhaps pass it on to my son. All help is appreciated. Thank you all.

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1- Yeah, you can find them on any reputable websites. But you're better off making your own, just cut the center out and put messy behind it, looks almost the same. Lots of people have done it, you can look it up for reference.
2- Indeed, or you can add weather strips or a silicone line behind the light. To take it off, its literally 4 nuts, a child can do it.
3- I wouldn't, just make sure your sunroof drains are clean and not clogged up. Common cause of water leaking inside the cabin for these cars, but it's preventable by keeping an eye out for that. Or get a Base or Rspec with no sunroof
4- By the "end", I'm assuming you mean the exhaust tips. You dont have to change the whole exhaust for that, you can only change the muffler. Or, if you're handy or know a guy, you can either get a custom muffler delete, or weld new exhaust tips onto the stock muffler (don't, get a better exhaust instead lol). Also, I've seen exhaust tips with screws to attach them in some stores. Maybe you can cut off your rusted one and just screw those, not sure how that would look tho
5- Genesis badges on front, back, wheels and steering wheel, gloss black chrome delete, blow off valve, LED lights (you have to take off the bumper for headlights tho, but I just did it and it looks awesome), and general maintenance like CHANGING YOUR OIL (don't skip it on these cars, even if they're still full, old oil is no good for them)
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