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Just picked up a 2011 3.8 Track M/T. Currently bone stock and most likely staying that way for a while.

Been wrenching on different turbo 4 platforms for years. First with my 99 Mitsu Eclipse (DSM) and for the past 9 years on my Mazdaspeed 3 (currently broken in my driveway :-/ ) as well as being a backyard mechanic for friends and family. Looking forward getting more acquainted with this platform.

Bought the car with 67k miles. Interior and exterior are pretty much mint. Needed a few things, but nothing overly major. Fixed a minor trunk/taillight leak, replaced a faulty downstream O2 sensor, replaced a dented oil pan. Next on the list is a coolant flush, and trans and diff fluid change, and a rebleed of the clutch hydraulics to hopefully help cure the reverse grind.

Only thing I haven't figured out yet is why my trip odometer and average MPG aren't working. The distance to empty and regular odometer work just fine, but the other options do not. These options had values when I took delivery of the car, but have stayed at 0 ever since I reset them. Someone on the Facebook Gen Coupe group suggested that I would most likely have to swap out the entire gauge cluster. Any other help or insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to many years and miles on this car. Transsmission certainly isn't the smoothest I've ever driven, and I've read quite about the issues it has, but overall, I am very much enjoying this car thus far.


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