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Just some Genesis action.

Could have driven a lot better that day. Finished 3rd in my class and 37th/65 in PAX.
Tires were my crutch. Waiting to mount my slicks in April, once its a little warmer.
Although, this car never ceases to amaze me. With TCS off, and a tight course, the performance of this car is just raw. I have a lot of room to grow with this car, and look forward to the Louisiana 2011 Season.
Hopefully in a month or so, I'll be on some stiffer suspension, as there is a little body roll, and some nose diving under hard braking, need to correct that a little. Some is driver error, most is the soft base suspension.

Until then, here's some pics.
Current tires are Potenza RE050A's that are 'bout done for.

Photo credit goes to my friend Brandi.

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So the 2.0 is GS and the 3.8 is FS?

The hardest part for me being new to AutoX has been the desire to just over drive the course. Wanting to just power through corners and not staying clean.
Really need to work on my discipline.

Great pics :)
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