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I am using this thread to keep updating new products coming out from Korea and convert to USD base on current exchange rate.

Price is base on FOB prior shipping from Korea.

WE do not take individual orders at this time, since our work is overload right now. During Lunar New Year or after, we'll hire one person to take this position to take order and arrange shipping to customer as drop ship.

Also, we are planning to import many parts in bulk, since we have our own warehouse to store locally. No big, but we expect to expand rapidly require more spaces soon.

Body kits are in planned, bulk order of exhaust system to reduce air shipping cost. Anything heavy and large, we plan to import and distribute in USA.

DTMSPEED, 7ism, IXION, Wabbp, M&S etc.

Drift1 Factory :
2.0t GC idle and tension bearings set of 4 for $200 (shipping extra)

2.0t GC pulley set $185 / (shipping extra)

2.0t/3.8 tie rod n bolt $210 (shipping extra)

BABOMALL is one of our contract company as B2B and they can ship products for us as drop ship to customer direct.

When we accept order soon, we'll request to be paid for product first. Once
EMS fee is confirmed, we'll request additional shipping charge. Otherwise, we can only quote with our favor for shipping charge. This means we round out enough to cover the estimate for shipping, if we were demand to quote with product from the beginning.

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Pictures shown with other branding on the car has none affiliate with PowerAXEL.
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