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I don't think this is a perfect car by any means, I feel like it is a bit overpriced considering its a Toyota that makes less than 350hp. It would make more sense to me if it was mid-$40k range. They are definitely trying to charge a bit of a premium because of the Supra name.

But, if this wasn't called the Supra would people have been excited that Toyota launched a new 6cyl turbo sports car? I think they would, and getting caught up on the fact it is called the Supra seems a bit silly. What if this was the new Celica, and Toyota just said we are never bringing back the Supra? Would that have changed people's minds?

The MKIV would have been $70,000 today, would people be willing to pay an additional $20,000 if that meant the MKV was a Toyota powered vehicle? Can the majority of the people complaining even afford that?

I personally don't like BMWs, mostly because of their owners, so I do understand you views from that standpoint. The sad reality is that we probably would have never gotten this car had Toyota not partnered with BMW. In a world where automotive manufacturer's are only making crossover SUVs, I'm honestly just happy to have another option for car enthusiasts whether it is what everyone wants or not.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, it seems to have some good things going for it and it isn't a complete dud. We will have to see what the aftermarket can really make it into.

That was shady emissions practices that only affected 11,400 vehicles. This had nothing to do with the engineering or how well the engines were built.
If the engines had been all that well engineered or built, they wouldn't have had to resort to the shady emissions practices.
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