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New Taillight Tints

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should of covered the whole tail IMO
thanks but you got to see this in person
I like it, won't affect your reverse lights. I'd like to find some brighter ones if I could.
i have led reverse lights they r pretty bright
i have led reverse lights they r pretty bright
Brighter than the stock bulbs? If so, where did you get them?
they are brighter i got mine from ebay something like this
Paint or Vinyl? I like the flow to the side of the car.....
it paint vht
looks great..i like the difference
thanks, i did this myself i was surprised i turned out this good
did you clear coat it afterwards? and how many coats did you use? looks about 4-5 coats?
i never did clear coat it, and srry i didnt use vht, i used rustoleam lens tint and did about 2 coats
You need to polish the tails and detail the car. Awful swirls! Some 102, 202, sealant, and wax should do the job.
looks like my tails you did a good job, deff need to polish it with a wheel it ll come out like glass i ll find my thread and show you the difference
Looks nice. I defiantly like the contrast it gives on the red a little better.
yea i know got the idea from him
Never thanked you i got the idea from your car and i just polished it look much better
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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