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New Vendor R1 Concepts

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Hello everyone! My name is Young from R1 Concepts and we just jumped on this forum to bring all the GenCoupe great deal on brake parts!

I don't own a Gen Coupe... yet... but I do drive a Hyundai Tiburon which I hope to trade in for the Coupe. Just waiting for my payments to expire. But my girlfriend do own the Coupe and I love the car.

Anyone with a Red Coupe? That color changes with the lighting... kinda cool. Its red... then its orange... then sometime I seen it purple... it even looks black in some lighting conditions. Anyone else notice this?
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Welcome to the forum :)
I've got a red coupe too. I've noticed it does look orange a lot of the time... lol and sometimes it looks very red.
Ok good.. its not my eyes... lol red during day... something else at night...
purple, black? maybe you should get your eyes checked out lol
Welcome aboard.
Im serious! Purple.... it was a light purple... I had a witness. The paint in the Genesis like to mix colors with the light... weird, never seen anything like it. Cabazon parking light at 8 pm ish...
Thanks for the welcome! Looked just like this... any other colors do that?

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welcome...hope to see some good deals one brakes and brake kits
welcome...hope to see some good deals one brakes and brake kits
Yes I have great deals going. Check our vendor section. You have a Tib? I got parts for that too :)
ill look, but im in the works of getting a genesis so im saving my pennies and not spending on my tibby...but if my dreams fall through with the GC and i dont get it for whatever reason :( ill reconsider my brakes.
welcome! Look forward to see what you have to offer to the gencoupe brake world!
Welcome Young & I agree that my red R-Spec looks orange at times. Seen your prices on your rotors, very competitive.
Welcome to the COOP.

Will you be offering any Big Brake Upgrade kits?
Thank you everyone! I will be posting Stoptech BBK prices up shortly!! Stay tuned.
i dont think your prices are very competitive...more like a steal of a deal!
R1 Concepts has put out an AWESOME product for the Genesis Coupe! Havoc Motorsports is proud to offer these Rotors w/ free limited time shipping on all orders, order today!

I Can't wait to see these rotors behind some sexy wheels!!! Order a set and post your pic!
something we actually need besides more intakes and exhausts, i like!
Welcome aboard
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