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there color of your coupe would be nice.....:dunno:

but just looking at the wheels, the axis are more my style. I typically dont like wheels that look as busy as the first example
White , gonna put a carbon fiber hood, black grille and tint the roof black.

Is it better to habe 18s or 19s on this car?

- Staggered - <br>(2) 18x8 Lexani LSS11 Black/Machined w/ Black Lip<br>(2) 18x9 Lexani LSS11 Black/Machined w/ Black Lip Wheels
Are really nice id consider dropping one inch for those
i would say none of those in any of the links you posted.
I like the Axis SuperHiro, the other two... not so much..
At least they are low offset. People that post about wheels with +40 offset are the worst offenders.
i like the lexanis for the deep dish and they being a popular brand that i know isnt know for breaking bending ect. any suggestions on a brand of rim that makes a good deep dish (Extended lip) for the gensis?
Have you looked at any of the TSW rims on Elementwheels? They make some nice deep dish wheels.
Lexani? It's not a SUV. many different threads are you going to start on the same topic??
Are you looking at those wheels because of price? I would suggest Varrstoen, they are a pretty good quality wheel and look really good
im looking to spend about 3,000 maxium on wheels and tires, just looking for a big dish like the Super Pentas
sorry about the double post grey. first one was just to find a general rim / website this one was with the choices i made
It's ok. I'm just easily confused, kept thinking I had already responded...:ugh:
I like the Axis Superhiro with the white stripe.
if you have white the first ones look nice.
here gray im looking for a rim like the Super Pentas Dish wise but i want less spokes more of an open you know?
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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