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So my plan is to build my Gen into a track/weekend joyride toy. I'm having difficulty selecting the right tire size though. I will be going with Varrstoen ES.2 wheels in 18x9.5 F and 18x10.5 R. So here is my question. Will the following tire size combo's fit or will there be rubbing? I've got my Gen lowered with Bilstein coilovers so I can make height adjustments as required. I prefer the meatier look of the 18's over the 19's and I want wide rubber for track days. Anyone have any input as to which would fit better? Rear or front too wide?

Falken Azenis RT615K AZENIS RT615K TIRE | Falken Tire
255/40R18 F
295/40R18 R

Nitto NT-05
265/35ZR18 F
295/35ZR18 R
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