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Non-owner, long-time lurker

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Hey everyone! I've been a lurker for quite some time...just a couple of years.

Test drove a 2.0T Track this last summer and fell in love. Also drove a Mazdaspeed3 and the Civic Si. Ended up with the Civic, primarily due to insurance costs and previous issues with RWD where I live. I sort of regret not getting the Genesis, but I am happy with the Civic. Maybe with a bit of luck, I can manage a trade before too long.

Anyways, I hope to make more than a post every two years. Good to be here.
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Welcome aboard. I went the opposite direction :) Had a 2000 dc2 w/ jdm b18c before the Genesis. Cross shopped the SI but ended up with the GC instead. Post up some pics when you get to 10 posts.

Sound like you may be in a spot to trade it in when the GC gets a refresh in a year or two.
Very nice! I'm a big Honda fan. Had a BB4 and EM2 before this one, along with a couple of Spec Miata. Definitely gonna post some photos soon.

I would definitely love to get into a GC. The test drive was quite the experience. The salesman told me not to hold back. I got on it a little. He pressured me to drive harder until I got the rear out a little. That shut him up. Glad he was okay with it, though.
I had the me experience test driving. The salesman kept telling me to push it harder and harder... That's why I'm glad the coupe I ended up buying had 15km on it--no test pilots :rofl:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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