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ny/pa car shows ??

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i want to enter in EVERY so i can if you know of any please list them :hello:
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Shows aren't usually announced this far in advance...but I'm sure we'll see a number popping up pretty soon. Check my threads in this forum and you'll find a list of quite a number of shows in our area. Just a word to the wise...BE PREPARED to drive long distances. These shows aren't going to be in your backyard. ;)

Oh and, my fav show from last year was Street Wars (NJ). Definitely plan on going there again.
i go to almost every show mike come with me theres a lot in jersey and pa. i m signed up right now for a big one in pa in may and i think street wars is in april
Ya hit me up wit the info man
My car club has 2 shows announced for the 2011 season. One in March at a local plaza to benefit a police officer that was killed by a drunk driver. The other is in June at a car dealership in Monmouth County. It's going to be heavily advertised as the dealership and a custom shop are promoting it and doing giveaways. That we don't have a set date for yet though.

There are also several other shows we know about in PA/NJ and some in NY we were invited to as a club. I don't have the list in front of me though.

I am going to SW but not entering. I refuse to give them my money. They "forgot" to judge myself, another Gen on here that came with me, and 2 other people in my car club. Then when we asked them to judge us, we had these 2 girls who knew alll about Tibs apparently, but nothing about Gens. They were stupid sorority girls and it was very annoying. My friend's car they didn't even judge, and he had a custom GMC Diablo Caballero. They told him that just be looking at it, they knew he wouldn't win anything... BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN ASK WHAT WAS IN IT!!! I'm all for the cause, but I refuse to participate in their poorly run event. It was awful, personally.

But it is good to see everybody, lol. I'll probably just spectate and not pay anything. Or go in somebody's car who's entering so I don't have to pay.
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Ok send me the info pleaseeeee
i ll be goin to the ones kelly's club has went to 2 last year
Love ya Nikko. :)

And Street Wars is now $45 to enter and $20 to spectate.. IN ADVANCE! Holy crap!

LiMike, are you on Facebook? I can add you and forward you all the details on there.
long island will probably have strong island street wheelz show again this year but its not until september, its at cedar beach.
I will look up some shows and see what i can find. this is my first year without my show car and its weird. i feel out of the loop. LOL
First one's Mike. Second is Danny. I think Mike got first place Hyundai or Foreign Other... whatever it was.
Carlisle Performance and Style - Hottest, Loudest, Fastest, Most Tricked-out Cars, Trucks, SUVs on the East Coast

Carlisle Performance & Style
May 14 - May 15, 2011

Adult Admission: Sat. $20 /Sun. $15 / 2-Day Pass $25
Child Admission: 8 and under - FREE
Gate Times:
Gate-N-Go Deadline: April 11, 2011 (register here)
wow! nice, im gonna make an appearance. i want to reg my car but prob wont be any competition
Can't wait for Carlisle this year. Me and Jordan had an absolute blast last year! We better get a GenCoupe crew out there in May!
im for sure in, im pretty sure SteveJohns is in also. :)
What is this Race Wars you speak of?

Where is it located?
What is this Race Wars you speak of?

Where is it located?
wow that is awesome...ok i want to be part of this show list for the me all pumped for this just gotta get the car up to par...kiss the guard rail today in the snow..."give me a few weeks and she'll be a streamline butterfly"
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