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Official GenCoupe With VarrsToen Wheels Thread!!!!!

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Plain and Simple!!!
Post pics of your GenCoupe with VarrsToen wheels. Any style VarrsToen wheels!
Include Wheel size, Tire size and brand, Coilovers, Camber specs, etc...

Our VarrsToen GenCoupe
2.0 R-Spec
VarrsToen ES 2.2.2 Full Polish
19x9.5 +12
19x10.5 +12
225/40/19 Falken FK452
245/40/19 Falken FK452
BC Racing Type BR Coilovers
-2.1 Camber Front and Rear

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Reserved. :)

Color: Stay tuned.
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WTB 17" option that fits the Brembo with agressive width and offset!!!
VarrsToen® ES 1.1.2 (19″)
Front: 19×9.5 +22 (Clears Factory Brembo Calipers)
Rear: 19×10.5 +22 (Clears Factory Brembo Calipers)
Vehicle: Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Finish: Hyper Black + Diamond Polish Lip

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^ so sick i envy NXXT such good taste. :)
Anodized Red and Blue! Whose car will these go on!?

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Grey < me* want another set lol.
Anodized Red and Blue! Whose car will these go on!?

DAMN!!!! that looks good!
I kinda want a set of ES 1.1.2s in gunmetal grey (matte center w/gloss lip perhaps?) but I'm not sure how it'll look... grr, damn me and wanting what no one else has, there's never any previewing :(
3.8 Genesis coupe with ARK stp coilovers
3.3.2 9.5 +22 and 10.5 +22
with nitto 555's 245/35/19 247/35/19 they run a lil bigger to me

i dont just hard park my gen i drive it me and some buddies try to hit the mountains once a month and they do me just fine i love em
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GAtuner, whats your camber setup?

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Holy f I want the red ones!!
Anodized Red and Blue! Whose car will these go on!?

hmmm... i wonder how that red would look on a red gen? anybody good at photoshopping on here? lol
who owns this ride. i parked next to you at buffalo wild wings last week in ceritos lol
Haha the one in the first post? That our VarrsToen GenCoupe..!
any particular person that drives that? is he on here?
so im assuming you guys forgot to leave a discount card on my car the time i parked next to yours haha
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