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Official Genesis Coupe Wheel Fitment Thread

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This is where we need to compile all of the information needed to upgrade your car's factory wheels and tires. Pictures of setups with tire size i.e ( 255/40/R18 ) and wheel dimensions i.e. ( 18x9.5 +15 ) etc. This will eliminate the question of "Will These Fit?!" by giving users a way to actually see fitment and therefore to decide what wheel they want to go with. I personally love looking at cars with crazy offset and super flush fitment. Whatever your taste, any contribution will be great.

Modifications for getting a certain offset and width to fit also would be good info. Any problems the installer ran into would be a good heads up too, like wheel rub when turning, etc., etc.

I will get things rolling. This is a good setup that fits flush and retains a functional and aggressive look.

Front 19x8.5 +15 w/ 245/35/19 tires
Rear 19x10 +20 w/ 275/30/19 tires

Other details you may want to know:

Center Bore:

Lug Pattern:
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First, let me say that I'm probably one of the few that have read ALL 312 PAGES!! Also, many thanks to the gurus who take the time to share their wisdom, it's helpful and appreciated. I know most won't do it, but since I read ALL 312 PAGES, I feel comfortable saying that most, if not all, of the answers to peoples questions are already in the thread, you just need to take the time and look. Most impatient people won't, which I guess I understand.

That said, I have finally arrived at my set up, which is already sitting on the shelves in my garage. I actually pulled one out today to torture myself, as I'm not ready to pull the trigger on new tires so close after Christmas. I caught a Black Friday sale and saved about $200 over what my local Discount Tire was quoting me, so I'm good with that. Currently, I'm running stock R-Spec wheels with 15mm/20mm spacers, and sitting on BC coilovers. It's been a fine set up for me for years now, but I always knew that I was going to end up going to a different set of wheels, and just convert the stock wheels for track day use.

I ordered Ace Alloy Devotions in 19x8.5 +20F, and 19x10 +25 rear. Nothing exotic, but a safe fitment and checks all the boxes for me size wise. I know I could have gone +15F/+20R but I wasn't going to risk it, and I don't mind throwing in some 5mm spacers down the road if I feel like I need them. With the chart being gone from Page 1 now, I googled it and confirmed what others have said. The chart generally errs about 10mm toward the "aggressive" side, which puts me right where I want to be. I don't anticipate any rubbing issues at all, as they will be outfitted with the fairly standard 245/35 and 275/35 tire sizes.

I realize that few people will make it this far having gone through a majority of the thread, but for those that skipped ahead, realize that your question has probably been asked and answered at least 20 times already, and that if you're expecting someone to jump on your question right away, you're asking a lot. Take the time and educate yourself about your car and your setup using the information that has already been generously shared, and you'll be far more confident when you finally land on your wheel and tire choices. You can't expect someone on the forum to know exactly what you're looking for by just asking for a "flush fitment", and "well he said it would work" doesn't absolve you of the responsibility to do your due diligence.

I won't try to name those that have willingly shared their expertise, they know who they are and I don't want to miss anyone, but let me offer a tip of the glass to you all. Thanks.
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You have to run staggered or it will mess with your TCS system unfortunately. When running square wheels, you have to be wider in the rear.

Taller, not wider. TCS doesn’t care how wide your tires are, only that the rears are greater in diameter than the fronts.
Electric is my next ride once they drop in price. Much better in every metric.

Except performance and looks. Looks are subjective, performance is not.
I can’t stomach either. Hybrids and electrics that scream at you that they are hybrids and electrics are pretty hideous, for the most part.

I don’t include models that look exactly like their petrol counterparts.
Ace Alloy Devotion
19x8.5 +20F / 19x10 +25R
245/35, 275/35

Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Thanks to all who shared their wisdom in this thread.

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I ordered them from Element Wheels, but they weren’t any help with fitment. I scoured this entire thread to settle on what I got. Most cars on here have a much more aggressive setup, so I took that into account and went with a conservative approach, figuring if I needed a 3-5mm spacer to make it perfect, I’d be okay. Fortunately, it all worked out.

Ace Alloy can make you custom offsets if you’re looking within their advertised range. Also, my contact at Discount Tire says they have software in the stores that can help you get the offsets right. I can’t vouch because I did it all on my own over a long period of time, but it’s worth looking into.

The key is to not take any one person’s word for it. Do your research. It’s too big a purchase to wing it and get it wrong. Good luck.
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Contact your wheel supplier and give them my setup, then tell them the tire size you wish to run and let them recommend the appropriate adjustments in offset to achieve the same result. Any reputable wheel manufacturer should be able to manage that for you.

Also, err on the side of more offset. You can always add a couple of mm by using spacers, but you can’t go the other way.
Opinions differ regarding spacers. I ran them for 4 years on the factory 19s (15mm front/20mm rear) with zero issues, including track days. I wouldn’t rule them out if you found wheels you really, really want. Especially if you’re driving it daily, and not tracking the car.
I put spacers on before 10k miles and just took them off at 65k. My original front tires went 26k, and the rears went 33k, with no updated alignment.

You might have an issue if you go full stance poke, but 15mm/20mm spacers are a non-issue.
Are the spacers ON with the new wheels now..??

No. I factored the spacers into the offset when I was doing the math for the new wheels. I kept the spacers because I have a set of 4 stock 19 rears that I’m going to use for track wheels.
Duplicate post
The wheels will fit with spacers, but don’t forget hubcentric rings as well. Nissan hub diameter is 73.1 and you need to be at 67.1. They are readily available on the internet.

As for spacers, 20mm front, 5mm rear is a safe bet. If you want any poke you’ll have to go thinner. May need a touch of camber then, too.

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I stand corrected, sorry. It’s basically a half mil all around, which shouldn’t be too hard to clearance.

I wouldn’t force them on, you’ll never be sure they’re entirely square to the hub, and it could cause unnecessary vibrations. Good luck.

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275mm is 10.8 inches so I wouldn't call it stretched really, but it is slightly. Now the 265 would be for sure stretched.

Don’t forget the 275mm (10.8”) is the section width (incl sidewalls) so the tread is still going to be less than 275, and therefore there will be stretch. I run 275 on 10s, and it’s a little stretched. 295/305 would never fit on a 10.5 +22 in my opinion without some stance-level camber.
I would have bet money you couldn’t pull off the 265s in the front, but you did it! Looks great, congrats!!
I was looking originally into going 19x11 -20 and 19x12 -30 with 255/35 and 275/35 but I figured I needed spacers for that look.
Call me nuts, but those tire sizes seem nearly impossible with those widths. My fronts are 245 on an 8.5 width and there is mild stretch, but 255 on an 11??
Getting 19x8.5+35 in the front. I am seeing mixed things, should I go with 235/40 or 235/35? No spacers, no fender mods. Stock suspension
235 is probably a bit narrow, unless you’re fond of tire stretch. 245 is the better call, imo.

This is 245 on 8.5” et20. These are 35-series on coilovers.
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So do you have 245/35 on the front?
I don’t have the car anymore, but yes, that’s what I was running.
Factory fit on a lowered car will result in a fair amount of tire tuck. I ran 15/20mm spacers on OE Rspec wheels for years to compensate. 5mm won’t do what you want. .5 inch is equal to 12.7mm.

Here’s the fitment I used to run. These are stock Rspec tire sizing. No rubbing, no modifications needed.
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You’ll be happy with the fit I had, it was effortless. Just think in terms of “total offset”. Et35 - 15mm front = net et20 for an 8-inch wheel. Et35 - 20mm rear = net et15 for an 8.5-inch wheel. That will help you mirror my fitment if you go aftermarket.

Before I went aftermarket, I bought two rear wheels to run 8.5 squared. That went out the window when the wheel guys had a Black Friday sale I couldn’t pass up.
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