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Update - 2011 GT

OTD Price: $28,600 (includes $1200 trade in for the '01 Maxima)
Year: 2011
Trim: 3.8 A/T Grand Touring (Silverstone/Black)
Options: Ipod Cable, Cargo Mat, Floor Mats, Wheel Locks
Dealership: S NJ

Think it's good....not sure though.

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Year - 2011
Price- $28050 plus tax, title, license (includes $2000 rebate)
APR- 3.89
Engine- V6
Transmission- 6 sp Auto
Trim- 3.8 Track Nordschliefe Grey
Dealership- Hardin Hyundai

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2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Price - $23,040 + TTL (mrsp was around $26,900). I had 12K which I put down from my old trade-in.
Engine - 3.8 V6
Transmission - 6 speed manual
Trim - 3.8 Spec R in white
Dealership - South Dallas Hyundai
Salesperson - Pat Shields
Overall Impression - Lots of haggling w/ the trade in, but worked out fine. I think I got a good deal overall. The car is fun and lovin it every day. No regrets and a 100k warranty is awesome.

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Price - $26,100 (OTD)
APR - 4.9%
Engine - 3.8 V6
Transmission - 6-Speed
Trim - R-Spec
Dealership - Hyundai of Nanuet (NY)
Salesperson - John Lee
Overall Impression - Easiest car buying experience ever (over the phone). Bought the car out the door for under the MSRP price. I'm 3000 miles away and I trust John Lee with everything. He's very diligent, keeps you updated day and night, and just plain works his ass off for you. Awesome awesomeee guy.

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Price - OTD: 406/36, $406 down *leased*
APR - I forget.
Engine - 3.8 V6
Transmission - 6-Speed Manual
Trim - R-Spec
Dealership - Knauz Hyundai (IL)
Salesperson - Steve Waddingham
Overall Impression - Fantastic salesperson, Great price, Awesome Dealership.

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Price: 22k OTD - trade (MSRP was $24,735)
Engine: 2.0t
Transmission: 5 speed auto
Trim: Base
Options: Cargo Net, rear lip spoiler, floor mats, & ipod cable
Dealer: located in Pinellas County, FL

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Hello Guys,

So i been looking for a Gen Coupe 3.8 r-spec for quite a wile now and today was another negotiation day at a different dealer.

Lowest i was able to get so far is $28.500.00 OTD :dunno: with no rebates.
that includes 6% FL Taxes, Tags $450, fee's and 4.9% in financing.

Is $28.500.00 OTD High for this car?? how low can i go lol

Whats the lowest anyone has gotten a 2011 GC 3.8 R-Spec for?
some one here said $26.100 OTD true OTD? but the sales man wasn't going no were under $28,500, and trust me i tried, he first offered 28,500 for the car alone with out all taxes and fees.

Invoice for the 11 GC 3.8 R-spec is $25,148.00
What you guys think is a good deal?

Thanks in advance
I purchased a Black 2011 3.8 R-Spec for 26,100 OTD.

It's possible... I'm sure you can get much lower than that with rebates and all.

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Price - $22,500 :D
Engine - 2.0T
Transmission - 6sp MT.
Trim - 2011 R-Spec
Color - Bathurst Black
Dealership - Sacramento Hyundai
Salesperson - Don't remember the name.

Overall Impression - By far the best experience I ever had to be honest. I mean it was hell leading up to finding this R-Spec at this dealer. I walked in the door and said I have an offer for $23,500 and then a $1000 rebate for a price of 22,500. I expected the dealer to hassle me but nope. To my shocking surprise the dealer walks over and said "OK we will meet that deal and you don't have to go to the bay for the other. " Still surprised but love my car.

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* Price - $28000+ttl
* APR - 3.9 thru HMA
* Engine - 3.8
* Transmission - m/t
* Trim - 2010 Track (with nav), Bathurst black
* Dealership - Voss Hyundai
* Salesperson - George something
* Overall Impression - It was the guy's second sell, but he did a great job. As for the dealership, they're not the best. I actually bring it to a different Hyundai dealership for oil changes.

KY Gensport
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Price- $21,xxx MSRP 25,xxx
APR- -
Engine - 2.0t
Transmission- 5spd auto
Trim- Coupe/Silver
Dealership- Carmax
Sales person- Jimmy

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Price 20,800
Out the Door 23,100 (8.75% sales tax here)
Red 2.0T Base manual with Lip Spoiler
Dealer: Cardinale Hyundai
Experience: I used USAA's car buying service that guarunteed that price at another dealer. They didn't have a red GC, which is what I wanted, so I shopped around and Cardinale had the red I wanted and would match the price. Drove 80 miles for it, but there was no hassle and they were true to the verbal offer I was given over the phone. Tony (salesman) and Andy (sales manager) were both upfront and honest and I couldn't expect more. It was rather surreal to walk up to the dealer and see the sales manager (Andy) getting down on the karaoke machine out front! lol!

Edit: They threw in the ipod cable and all the mats for free without me even bringing it up. I would highly suggest everyone who is negotiating over the internet or phone, NEGOTIATE OUT THE DOOR PRICE!! That way if they try those little bs charges they are going back on their word and you can walk out the door (or threaten to) to get them removed. It might take a little more work, but all you gotta do is multiply the sale price by a 1.11% to get a pretty good out the door estimate for a given price (in CA). I assume it is easy to estimate it anywhere else.

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price: $26.000 (ipod cable/cargo need /rear wings emblem)
APR: 2.9% for 6 years(72 moths)
engine: 3.8, v6 (310+hp premium gas)
transmission: 6 speed manual
trim: track edition with navigation system (90 days xm radio)
color: tsukuba red
sales person: Ben
dealership: sansone (route one, N.J)

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2010 Base Trim
Auto 6
Floor mats & iPod cable (WooHoo)
List Price 25395
Rebates 2500
Subtotal 22895
Tire Protection 395
Laugh, until you take out a tire/wheel on a pothole
Maintenance 320
Pays off in 10 oil changes. That's right, I've changed my
own oil for 35 years, the thrill of that job is gone.
APR 3.9/72

A-hole charges
Sales Tax 1455.63
Dealer's Inventory Tax 50.94
License Fee 75.00
Title Transfer Fee 33.00
State Inspection 23.75
Documentary Fee 125.00
(I didn't even know they were filming)

Dealer Allen Samuels North Richland Hills TX
Salesman Brano
I did most of this over the internet. Got a price right away, and then asked for specifics on what would appear on final contract-like dealer add-ons, ad fees, delivery & handling, etc. Was told these would add around $320, I already figured the tax. I was assured I could go over all the figures if I came in. (Does anybody understand the idea of Internet sales?)
I went to see it around 7PM, they close at 8, I know nobody likes to stay late. I knew they weren't moving on the price, because by this date, there were only 2 2010 3.8s left in the state. (2 other dealers looked) I was OK with the price. Only funny charge was $300 for pinstriping. I know, even the idea is gruesome. I mentioned I didn't remember seeing pinstriping on the car, Brano said, "I think we put it on all our new cars." After all paperwork was completed (not a painful process, or a hard sell) Brano said, "I went back out and looked, I guess we owe you pinstripes." I told him that was definitely not an option I would choose, but I knew they weren't going to rewrite the whole deal. He said they could put them on next week. I wasn't taking the car home that night, it wasn't clean, needed gas, and the tire pressure checked.
Lost some sleep that night, I felt like I had been cheated out of one month's car payment. I called the next morning and suggested that since they had charged me for something that had not actually been done, how about substituting window tinting for the unwanted pinstriping. Brano gave it the old "I'll ask, but I don't think the manager will want to spend a lot of money on a low profit deal." I offered that window tinting costs $150 for premium film with a lifetime guarantee, (I checked), and pinstriping can and is done at every detail shop by any rag-snapping wash jockey for $50.
End of story, they did the tint, looks great, I'm happy with the total deal, and only feel like they were trying to hose me with a low-pressure hose. CHECK THOSE DETAILS!!!!

On another note, at the very beginning of this thread is a warning that it is for posting details of your deal only. Any post with just comments will be deleted. Why don't you ladies who want to chat take it to Facebook?
Where's a moderator when you need one?

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Price - $20,500+tax&tag
APR - 13%
Engine - 2.0t
Transmission - 6-speed manual
Trim - 2.0t base/ black
Dealership - World Nissan/Hyundai @ San Antonio, TX
Salesperson - Chris...Perez? forgot his last name, he is half korean, half spanish
Overall Impression - very very very good customer service. highly recommended

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* Price - OTD $19.000
* APR - 7.9
* Engine - 2.0T
* Transmission - 6 speed manual
* Trim - Track
* Dealership - Landers DCJ (HSV)
* Salesperson - Robert
* Overall Impression - Easy going

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Great Deal!

2010 Genesis Coupe 2.0T Track
6 Speed Manuel
APR 2.9%
Engine for Life (free)
Paint for Life (free)
Paint sealent every 6 months (free)
iPod cable (free)
Floor mats (free)
Scratch, scuff, ding, wear, tear, road rash, etc. taken care of for 4 years ($350)
XM for a year (free)
Oil changes (free for life)
Car washes (free for life)
Wing emblems and center caps (free)
Loaner cars if yours is in service (free for life)
Manicures, popcorn, drinks, hot dogs (free on weekends)

Jones Junction, Bel Air, MD
They have done everything to make me happy with my new car. Bought it 2 weeks ago.
Service (priceless!)

If you live near by, and are in the market for a car, deffinately look at Jones Junction, please PM me because I can get referral compensation! :)

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2011 2.0T auto $20,721

2011 2.0T Automatic, White.

  • Ipod Cable
  • Floormats
  • Cargo Mat
Purchased 2.7.11 @ North Freeway Hyundai, Houston, TX

Vehicle price $20,721 :)
OTD $22,400
MSRP $24,580

Dealer says they sold 9 GC's last week.
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