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Our Regional Club's Website

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Well, we've been working on this for a little while and it's now up and running. Just thought you guys may want to see what we've put together. I put together the splash page. Thanks to Kmusk for designing the site and Enter Lagos for writing up the content.


We are excited about this club and the events that we're putting together, the largest of which at this point is our Spring Run of the Dragon which you can view details on the site as well. Our numbers are growing quickly and it's been a blast meeting everyone.

As you can see, we will be adding sponsors to the site shortly. More to come on this..

Hope you enjoyed the site.
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You may get better response by posting this in your regional section.
Yeah.. Just thought I'd share with the community what we've been working on.

Most of our conversations on the site development and such has been in the Southeast section so I figured they all knew.. LOL

Hope you guys like the artwork.. The gallery will continue to grow as we add more events.
Good job on the site.
bump on this site
What's this?!! Do we have some replies? LOL

Thanks guys. I can't stop looking at the rear end of the red one on the splash page. She's just so pretty. CoupdeGen's work on our logo turned out shnazzy too.
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