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Ok guys so for the P2261 error code, don't always think it is related to the blow off valve or a slow solenoid. The error code refers to the Bypass Valve, and pictures suggest it is the wastegate and/or actuator.

So when I mean solved, I mean my error P2261 would instantly pop up right after I erase the code and pull out of my driveway. So far only about 10-15 miles but no codes!!!

So here is the nightmare that eventually ended up a success:

1. I must have incorrectly rotated the staggered tires on the BK1. When I would go past 80 mph the car would flash the traction control light and it would eventually go into limp mode after getting the P2261 and the P0234 over boost codes.

2. Out of fear of over boost I couldn't find a replacement stock wastegate actuator so I bought n installed a Garrett/ATP stand alone actuator. Basically you bypass the solenoid and run it straight off the compressor. This solved my over boost and stayed at 14psi but still had the flashing traction light. I also installed new stock solenoids.

3. Thanks to input from Rasberry and a few others I then found out that my staggering was incorrect so I rotated the wheels back to proper and the flashing stopped, but the P2261 still annoyed me.

4. I then painfully (snap ring) removed the HKS BOV and thoroughly cleaned n lubed it, but that didn't help. I also ordered a Chinese HKS knock off as well as a couple MAC solenoids. BTW I never ended up using these.

5. Then something inside told me to really think about the definition of P2261 and the pics pointing at the wastegate and/or actuator so I removed the Garrett/ATP stand alone unit ( mind you the stand alone bypasses the solenoid and the hoses are not defined and no instructions other than bypass and don't hook up to solenoid or an over boost can happen since it has a 12-14psi spring).

6. I then lubed the stock WG actuator down in the diaphragm where the rod exits, not in the air inlet. I worked the unit and then wiped down and blew the remaining lube out. It seemed pretty functional at this point. I also hooked up the stock WG solenoid as from the factory.

7. BINGO!!! The P2261 didn't come back. So in other words there was never anything wrong with this car all along. The bad staggering made a real deceptive mess of an issue.

So what I'm trying to point at is the last stage at which I couldn't solve the code was related to the solenoid being hosed in a way that wasn't stock, or basically the ECU wanted to see the compressor signal and tell the actuator its duty cycle.

So before you get all into chasing a BOV issue think of maybe starting at the WG. I'm sure there are many cases the P2261 can occur due to a non-stock BOV solenoid set up, etc. but in my case it was the WG.

Well I plan to go bigger turbo, etc. so maybe then I'll use the MAC solenoids.

Thanks Rasberry n all you guys for your input.
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