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Another thread goes over the sun roof repairs and master cylinder replacement/brake bleeding.

Took it to a shop for the annual VA inspection today. It passed, no problem.

So when I got home I picked up my wife and we took it for a short drive. I put a bottle of fuel system cleaner and 5 gallons of 93 octane gas in the tank with just over 1/2 tank of gas that's been in there since early January of this year. I'm getting two codes when the check engine light comes on - both are lean idle codes (one for the left bank and one for the right bank.) Runs darn good just driving down the road or getting on the gas so it's not starving for gas.

One of the causes for lean idle is dirty/partially blocked injectors. Hopefully the fuel system cleaner and 93 octane gas plus some fun driving will take care of that in a few hundred miles.

One funny thing happened today. I was at a stop sign at a 3 way stop. It was my turn to go when a car came down the one road where they had not stop sign. I decided to give it that gas and get through the intersection before that car got there. Hit the gas, took off and the road was a little bumpy in the middle of the intersection. The back tires broke loose and the back end went sideways to the right before I let up slightly on the pedal and it stopped spinning the tires and straightened out. It's never done that in the 11.5 years I've driven it. Every time the back tires started to spin on a straight away heavy pedal start off or shift the traction control took charge and choked the engine down to stop the tire spin.

I noticed, as I got through the intersection, the ESC Off light/symbol had come on in the lower right corner of the DIC. I pressed the button on the dash several times and the light stayed on. No issues driving home. Got home, shut it off and restarted it and the ESC Off light did not come on again.

I'll have to grab the owner's manual and see what it says about that (if it says anything). The go to the service manuals if the owner's manual is quiet about it.

I'm guessing the bumpy surface in the center of the intersection started the wheel spin. Didn't try to repeat it on truly flat road. Plan on driving it again tomorrow though. It's "crying" to be driven and I feel the need.

Have a good one guys.
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