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Thought I might as well put this on as many places I can since I'm trying to get rid of these:

Full Drum Kit - PDP FS-5PC, Sabian AAX, Stands, Pedal, etc.
Selling my old PDP FS 5-piece drum kit. Kit is black to blue fade. Drums were used at home only for 2 years. I used to play four years ago but stopped and the drums have been stored away since. The shells themselves are in perfect condition - drum heads are worn down from regular use but still in good condition. Sabian AAX cymbals were only used for less than a year after purchased.

Snare drum head is an Evans ST Dry-Coated.
Evans ST Dry Coated Snare Drumhead | GuitarCenter

Toms all have Evans G2 clear drum heads.

Bass drum head was replaced with a new clear Evans drum head (was ~$50).

Specific Details:

PDP FS 5-piece set
- 22x18 kick drum
- 10x8, 12x9 rack toms
- 14x12 floor tom
- 14x5 snare drum
PDP FS 5-Piece Shell Pack | GuitarCenter (different color)

- Sabian AAX 14" Crash ($169 new)
Sabian AAX Series Studio Crash Cymbal | GuitarCenter
- Sabian AAX 16" Crash ($205 new)
Sabian AAX Series Studio Crash Cymbal | GuitarCenter
- Sabian AAX 18" Crash ($239 new)
Sabian AAX Series Studio Crash Cymbal | GuitarCenter
- Zildjian ZBT 14" Hi-Hats ($119.95 new)
Zildjian ZBT Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair | GuitarCenter
- Zildjian ZBT 20" Ride ($109.95 new)
Zildjian ZBT Ride Cymbal | GuitarCenter
- Zildjian ZBT 18" China ($89.95 new)
Zildjian ZBT China Cymbal | GuitarCenter

- Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide DOUBLE Pedal ($399.99 new)
- 1x: Sound Percussion Hi-Hat Stand ($79.99 new)
Sound Percussion SP880HS Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand | GuitarCenter
- 5x: Sound Percussion Boom Stands ($35.45 new - $69.99 for 2)
Sound Percussion Double Boom Cymbal Stands - 2-pack | GuitarCenter

PRICES: May be bought individually/in combos for deals. PM me.

- For the shells:
- For the cymbals:
14" Crash: $120
16" Crash: $150
18" Crash: $170
14" Hi-Hats: $60
20" Ride: $75
18" China: $40 (Has a that has been repaired)
- For the hardware
Tama Iron Cobra: $250 (with case)
Hi-Hat Stand: $55
Boom Stand (each): $30

I do not have pictures right now because the kit is all packed away and disassembled - I can take pictures if you are interested.

Of course, prices may be bargained. Feel free to call/text at (3 two 3) - 889 9353.

Local pickups only
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