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Hello all genesis coupe owners!

I just wanted to do a quick review of the Piranha Racewerks Stage 2 tune for the 2.0t manual cars. I drive a 2011 genesis coupe 2.0t r-spec. I have slowly been modifying my car over the past 6 months just to make it a little quicker and more enjoyable while driving in the city. I have installed a DEPO Racing intercooler, K&N SRI, and a turbo-back exhaust. I decided it was finally time to take advantage of these mods and tune my ecu. After upgrading injectors, I have been driving on this tune for about 2 months. I realize that most of the canned tunes out there seem to be pretty much the same, but I would have to urge you to lean toward PRW for these 5 reasons:

1. POWER- The power gains from stock to stage 2 are NIGHT AND DAY. No more having to downshift to pass other cars....The power band is extremely linear and much more predictable than expected. And yes you need to upgrade injectors for this tune, but I picked up a set of stock EVO X injectors for $30. Most of the power gains seem very similar across the board with all of the companies so I won't say that going with PRW will make you car faster than SFR, BTR, etc...BUT I am telling you that the power gains are impressive and you will be very excited with the way your car performs. Butt dyno would probably be 240whp/300ftlbs.

2. FUEL ECONOMY- By far the biggest difference! I mostly commute in the city so I have been used to seeing 19-22mpg. I get on it every now and then so it could definitely be better. After the tune, I was consistently getting 22-24mpg with spirited driving! My highway driving went from 26-28mpg to about 28-30mpg. I realize all of these numbers are relative to each person and their driving style, but 2-3mpg increase for me is just awesome!

3. RELIABILITY- The idle on my car was always a little inconsistent before the tune. Afterwards, it seems to idle much better and run smoother. This may cause some skepticism, but I am confident that most of you guys know when your car is running healthy. Also, there used to be a lot of jerking/pulling in 1st and 2nd gear from the factory and now I am finding this is not the case. Oh! And that whole "rev hang" annoyance is gone and I couldn't be more thrilled. All around a better running car.

4. COST- This re-flash is super affordable and will by far be the best horsepower per dollar investment you can make. The price is a fraction of the cost compared to most of the other companies.

5. CUSTOMER SERVICE- The service from PRW has been excellent. I will receive and email response the same day (if not within the hour) and I feel like that is very valuable when modifying your daily driver. Will (from PW) has been helpful throughout this whole process and I am glad I made the choice to upgrade with his company.

Overall, I am pleased with the results from Piranha Racewerks and would definitely recommend this company to anybody interested in getting a few more smiles per gallon.

Feel free to post with any questions!


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