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PLEASE HELP Rpm raise and seems to be dumping gas!!

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I have a 2015 3.8 not r spec or ultimate.
I’ve been having issues w my car the car when coming to a stop and no other time I will be rolling to a stop in N and my ride will be normal then all of a sudden mygas consumption gadge will go to 16 and my rpm will slowly climb and then I stop and it will go to 0 and my car will sound like it Boggs out (does not stall just don’t sound good ) I don’t think there’s any knock or anything but today it was the worst it’s been usally it’s just going up to maybe 1500-1800 rpm MAX TODAY HIT DID IT TO 3k please help thinking maybe throttle body issue or even maybe a fuel issue pump or stuck injector plz help!!!!!!
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Have you found out what was causing the problem? I recently started experiencing the same thing and was told the throttle body needs cleaned. It happens at random but it doesn't do it often
If it's adding actual gas it's seeing an air leak or thinks it does. Maybe MAP or the MAF?
How would I check if it is either of those things? The MAF is connected to the intake, right? I just have a stock setup
You can clean the wire element in the MAF with some residue free cleaner. MAP should set a code, maybe.
So far so good. I haven't noticed the mpg and torque numbers rising after cleaning that, so it must have done the trick! Thanks....would a dirty air filter possibly cause that as well? Looks like mine does need to be replaced lol
The MAF uses a small heated wire to measure air flow. It measures the cooling affect of more or less air passing over it. When they get dirty they are insulated and slow to react.
AWESOME!! Thanks man =]
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