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po po problem?

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OK, wanted to tint my taillight,
but heard tinting the taillight is VERY illegal?
am i gona have lots of "pull over" if i tint it?
i was thinking 35%.
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I did mine Friday. Even had the po po behind me and they didn't seem to mind.
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Some people never get in trouble, some people get pulled over 5 minutes after its done. It's illegal regardless of what state your in. Also keep in mind that regardless of the situation, if anyone ever rear ends you, its going to be your fault. Not to mention getting inspections done will be a hassle. The general rule of thumb is if your afraid of getting a ticket, just don't do it.
Whether or not you get pulled over depends on the officer's mood. Its just like 5% on your windows. Its illegal but you dont always get pulled over for it.
I did mine Friday. Even had the po po behind me and they didn't seem to mind.
Wow, i love the tinted tail man.
i have the same color, plus black rims. it would look nice on mine too
but, like he said, if i do get rear end, its my fault???
Chance im willin to take i guess. Lol. Dont get any bright ideas about tailgating me. Ill be getting some black wheels this fall and im in tbe process of blacking out everything else also.
i mean, since i have all around dark donkey tint, why not shout for tail too?
caz, guys, honestly do u like the tail light style?
i dont like it. it doesnt give meant lookin light. Compare to lux light? so thats why i anna cover up , so it wuld look nicer without spending 400 dolar on the lux tail.
agree with me??
I agree. Never liked the look of the stock tails. I have illegal tint on the windows also. I havent had a problem with any of my vehicles with inspection. I know some that have though. Just gotta know the right people I guess.
depends on where you live because laws are different per state, with all this said if you tint the taillight you have altered the lens and it does not comply with DOT regs anymore since it has not been tested by DOT.
When I got pulled over for speeding (woops) they mentioned the tint on my windows, but not my said above, I guess it depends on where you are from.
In Pittsburgh, you wouldn't get 10 feet with tinted tails.
i m from long islandd and it all depends i drive a red gencoupe and when i head my lights fully tinted i got 1 ticket n its a fix it ticket. so if you know someone have them write up they took it dads 09 altima and moms 2010 mkz is all tinted out n they dont get stoped
I did mine Friday. Even had the po po behind me and they didn't seem to mind.
Saw these on Friday after he had them done and they look really nice. This looks darker in the picture than in person.

Certainly a lighter shade of tint will reduce your risk of gaining attention compared to those that you can't even see brake lights in the day.
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