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I've had a set of power folding mirrors for like 2 years sitting on the shelf.
Been meaning to put them on, but didn't have time to figure out the wiring until recently and my current passenger mirror is being held on with zip ties.

I have the power folding part figured out (I'll post it down bellow), but now I need to know what to tap into for the turn signal on the mirrors, and the heated mirror part.

Do the turn signals just use straight 12v ? I don't want to go testing and end up burning out a turn signal.

Do the heated mirrors just tap into the circuit for the rear defrost matrix? If so, is it in series or parallel?

Power folding mirror circuit

How I did this is a dirty way for doing it. I'm pretty sure there are more elegant solutions.

I used 4x solid state 12v relays (the traditional automotive relays require more amps from the capacitor to keep it triggered. Basically it will only keep it triggered for a second)
2x 4700uf 16v capacitors

2x relays and 1x cap is used for 1 circuit. You just repeat for the other circuit.
The relays I'm using require polarity for the coil side, so I assume there is a built in diode.


I made 2x circuits in the diagram, and connected the 12v constants together and the grounds together of the 2 circuits.

Circuit #1 motor wires are plugged into each of the folding motor wires.
Circuit #2 is the same for the motor wires, but just flipped.

This way, I just need to apply (tap) 12v to the 12v signal on one circuit to trigger the relays and charge the capacitor.
The capacitor will apply voltage to keep the relay triggered for about 5~6 seconds.
do the same for the second circuit 12v signal to have it fold the other way.

I bought one of those auto folding modules hoping it would have all this built in... it didn't, so I can still use it, since it only supplies a 12v signal on 2 wires (folding and unfolding)

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