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PowerAXEL 3.8 Headers & Reflash 2011 Promo Sales Starts NOW!!

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BUMP 18 spots left!!! get yours while they last!
limited time only guys. get them while these products last. oNCE THEIR GONE THEyRe GONE!!
Get the '11s in there and you will sell out right away!
OK GUYS GOOD NEWS~ we have a tune developed for the 2011. But we need to run a few last couple tests. In order to do this we thought that it would be great to sponser someone that tune. To qualify the first person with a 2011 HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE 3.8 A/T non immobolizer(sorry Canada), to join in on this group buy will recieve a FREE ECU tune!!

Bump that ecu tune for the first 2011 3.8 nonimmoblizer a/t offer is still open!
And NOTHING for the 2.0s? :-(
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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